The All-New Defender 2019 Preview And News

Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - Land Rover
The All New Defender 2019 Model

The All-New Defender 2019. The long-awaited premiere is scheduled to take place at the 70th anniversary of Andrew Over at the end of 2018. The plan is designed to provide many wheelbase configurations, hard and soft covers, as well as a derivative of the pickup truck later on. In the life cycle. It is expected to travel on a high-performance aluminum platform, cutting lending, cutting and Discovery Range Rover, so there must be a significant loss of weight.

Since Land Rover stopped production of iconic guns, after 68 years and 2,016,933 million cars, we heard a lot of rumors about the possibility of cloning the new guns. The most striking that the other. However, Land Rover decided to take the matter into their own hands. They recently announced that they were planning to re-emerge the only defender. The full-fledged defender will probably be available by mid-2019.

Unfortunately, Jaguar Land Rover does not provide much information about the new defender. However, it will be difficult for the Land Rover to create a completely new version of the car that has reached worship mode. The new guns will have to meet the requirements of all-terrain vehicle and continue to maintain a special character, just like its predecessors. The rumors are that Land Rover is developing a whole new line of defenders, which includes a 4×4 off-road version and a premium version. A special section has discovered this exercise: Special Vehicle Operations.

This partition can freely experiment with different designs. All the new guns will probably be equipped with an aluminum body and chassis, making the car less heavy than a traditional SUV. However, the body and chassis must be able to cope with the extreme conditions of off-road driving. A trial version of All-New Defender has already indicated, according to Andrew Over, that the “new” defender can compete with the “old” defender. Jaguar Land Rover says the new Defender is comfortable on both roads and roads.

The new Defender coming from Land Rover is still very old, as the limited version of the V8 Edition announced at the beginning of the year is based on the same test and proven fundamentals. The good news is that we will not have to wait any longer for the next-generation model, where the off-road car is expected to see light in the near future.

Director of Land Rover Studio Design, SVO, and Advanced Research, Richard Wally, was asked about the future of Defender. He said that although the revised version would remain true to the principles that made the classic model successful, “it would have to be a different kind of car.”

He continued to specify that he would have liked to see the emergence of the new Defender at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, where Mercedes bought the G-Class 2019. The Woolley was given the opportunity to review the new G and acknowledged that although each new plate, Remains much like its predecessor.

He hopes the new defender will have what it takes from the design point of view to “push it [G] in the shadows.” Year-end debt, according to the latest reports. It is believed that it will depart from the DC100 concept (as shown in the picture above), and at the same time, it will have nothing to do with the appearance of the retro flavor.

The All New Defender 2019 Price

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