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Monday, December 10th, 2018 - Holden
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Holden SUV 2019. Holden knows one or two things about family cars: after all, they built the most successful Australian history in the locally built Brigadier. But unless you are under a rock last year, Holden today is a completely different company. 52 weeks ago, local production stopped, but the weight of this story continues to be repeated, and moving from the automaker to the full importer is not easy. Holden’s sales fell to their lowest levels ever, and two important tranches after the transition led to disappointing results. Let’s not do anything about it: Holden is a tough brand right now and needs success.

Interestingly enough, the management has realized this, and Holden has made a great effort to prepare for the third, and by far the most important product launch since the cessation of the Commodore product line a year ago. The Acadia Holden 2019 plays directly into the growth of the Australian market: a large seven-seater SUV designed to handle the Toyota and the Mazda CX-9, which in between representing more than 20,000 sales per year.

Captiva this is not so. Acadia is not a family badge in Australia, but it is an old model in the GMC range of GM sports utility vehicles. In the United States, the second generation of Acadia is two years old and well-regarded. Handsome, of the appropriate size and relatively elegant, Acadia is a game hit directly to Holden. And that’s what they need.

While the rugged appearance of this SUV is “proudly built-in Tennessee” as they say decals on the doorpost of passengers, the American Acadia is under the calibrated work important performed by the famous Holden engineers, who say they are very satisfied with the way this flavor is translated from American Motor Sports to Australian Pier.

While the Screaming Style and the V6 Great Gasoline engine are a reminder of the American origins of this car, Acadia’s dynamics, overwhelmingly composed, reminds us more of Caprice Holden than the Yankee Pancake Tank of the days that have passed.

Our initial fears of a heavy and controversial driving experience dissipated in the launch of the Acadia National in the Yara Valley, where the ingenious touch of a team of Holden engineers, through the teacher’s suspension and guidance Rob Trubiani led is clearly marked

Thanks to excellent driving quality on soft roads, mixed terrain, and chopped asphalt, Acadia has the long and comprehensive character of the Grand Sedan in Holden, which is not bad. While only comparing and knowing whether the Mazda CX-9 or Kia Sorrento still has the pace of Acadia to general compliance, it is clear that Acadia is one of the largest SUVs more comfortable and relaxed in the market.

This is the case either in 18-inch wheels and passive LTZ dampers entry-level and LTZ mid-level where we share a tuned suspension with the next year’s Acadia GMC update, designed by Trubiani in collaboration with the Americans, or a large 20-inch LTZ-V high specification chassis, Adaptive dampers with unique Australian melody. The sense of each of the cushioning configurations is remarkably similar. Both are luxurious, with the LTZ-V proving its superiority only when pushed through the corners.

Trend melody is all Australian. In the US UU., GMC cars have a heavier direction with more little play in the middle, characteristics that the Australians recorded in the ground proving Holden in Lang, on the outskirts of Melbourne. We have formed our own Acadia with what they see as the main features of Holden’s direction: weight is lighter and straight out of the center. Trend tune is not as sweet as the graceful new Brigadier, or even Equinox five seats that share with her Acadia space showroom, but not bad support.

Acadia in a hurry. The car is expected with a large V6 block: The Acadia 3.6L unit is essentially the same as the six-high feature used in the ZB Commodore, naturally aspirated and produces a power of 231kW and 367 Nm torque. It looks great when it’s ready, but, of course, we had two concerns about a large SUV just for V6 gasoline. One concern was legitimate, and the other was not.

Fuel economy was the factor that turned out to be better than expected. Since the Acadia launch unit was almost entirely rural, we can not report city consumption, but tours throughout the country are about 10.5 liters / 100 km in the four-wheel configuration: the front driver is slightly lower. So the Acadia is actually more economical in the secondary road than the Mazda CX-9 quad-cylinder, with a smaller displacement.

But the V6 did not dispel our fears of a mid-range punch. It’s decent of line and Acadia has a healthy upper end and courage, but overtaking is not as safe as it should be. Without the help of a turbo, there is not enough deviation in the revolutions, and the nine-speed torque engine has many gear options to move very quickly.

Inside, Acadia is a more convincing function than the recent SUV in the US market. It came with the Holden badge: the five-seater Equinox launched in similar wet conditions nine months ago in Queensland. Equinox begins its lifelike Chevrolet in the United States, which is under GMC largely in excellent appointments as in the Crossover specialty. Above GMC, in terms of SUV, only Cadillac offers more luxury.

This translates into Acadia cabins that have a good smooth texture surface, if not exceptional. The panel and the top doors, front and rear, very luxurious and leather seats – standard in the LTZ and above – feel more enjoyable and more supportive than those of the Equinox, even though they do not compete with Nappa leather. CX-9 Azami LE for perceived expenses.

The driving position is already reassuring to the old school. The seat extends to a very low-level and sits, not in the Acadia, but the central compartment and armrest of the door are located at the height of the elbows. This is an appropriate American cruise. The standard 8-inch touch screen may be a bit low for our taste, but it’s the first GM product in the world to run the company’s new cab technology program, which simulates signals from the smart phone software with bright controls and cursors that are easy to use. Quickly react with. Graphics are a step up from Holden’s MyLink system.

Storage is abundant, with a deep central compartment and large door pockets, although cup holders do not fit well with the Venti Starbucks. The LTZ and LTZ-V have a wireless charger, but impressively, all models have five high-power USB-A 2.1 ports.

The Acadia group is very simple, with three degrees, each of which offers only with V6. Front push is standard. A four-wheel drive is a global option worth $ 4,000. The $ 43,490 basic car (currently $ 439090) is well equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, navigation, fully keyless access and three-zone climate control – plus most of the safety range: track assistance, traffic warning Traffic backlight, blind spot monitoring, front impact warning, AEB, and traffic signal recognition.

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