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Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 - Bentley
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2020 Bentley Flying SpurBritish luxury car maker Bentley has upgraded its luxurious but popular Spur, but the automaker has put the latest model under the guise of secrecy. Spies experienced industry flashes from the new Bentley Flying Spur, where they were tested in the summer of 2017 and this winter. Bentley Flying Sport can debut for the first time in late 2018 or early 2020. Some believe that the car can be presented at the Geneva International Motor Show this year.

The current Flying Spur is not exactly the most luxurious sedan on the market. Bentley launched the car in 2005, but it is actually based on the older structure of Volkswagen. For this reason, it seems heavy and not good to lead most of its new competitors. To change this, the manufacturer seems to be already working on an update. This will be Bentley Flying Spur’s 2020 future, which will incorporate the latest technology offered by the company. Another interesting thing about the new car would be its architecture. While its predecessor uses the Volkswagen platform, the new Porsche chassis is used. This new model should be allowed to be lighter, more solid and much better in terms of handling.

With the new platform, Flying Spur will also offer elements such as a new suspension system, better brakes, and greater structural rigidity. The latter will lead directly to better levels of NVH, more comfortable driving and better driving characteristics.

The latter is probably one of the main reasons people update the new model. There is no word yet about the size of the car. However, from recent spy shots, it seems to be as wide and low as the new Continental GT. However, the Bentley Flying Spur 2020 will be significantly longer, allowing you to get this extra set of doors.

Although Bentley did not say much about when the new model would launch, it seems that the car may reach the market sometime in late 2018. It is likely that its price will fluctuate around its previous price. The basic model should still cost about $ 190,000, making it one of the most expensive cars in its class.

As with the current model, the car will offer a wide range of engines designed to satisfy most of its customers. At launch, the Bentley Flying Spur 2020 engine is likely to be powered by a 6.0-liter W12 engine, the same engine as in Bentayga. In this particular application, the engine can deliver more than 600 hp and 664 lb. of torque. The car is likely to get rid of the usual 8-speed torque converter instead of the 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox. This will be possible thanks to the Porsche MSB architecture. This also means that your car will have a standard system for all types of payments. This configuration for the new Flying Spur should allow access to 60 mph in about 3.4 seconds or less. Is likely to reach a top speed of about 200 mph, making it the fastest sedan on the market. In addition, on the highway, the car will also feature a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine with nearly 500 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. The hybrid with the same V8 engine would also be an option. However, this will save about 700 horsepower, which will make Bentayga very interesting to drive.

There is no doubt that the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur will be almost identical to the new Continental when it reaches its front end. However, the car will provide a range of the most interesting dimensions that will make it stand out. Will make the new front grille and small headlights of the car look wider than they already are.

In addition, the long wheelbase and low appearance of the car will add to Flying Spur a threatening look that many people will love. The interior design is likely to share the dashboard, tool kit, information, and entertainment system with the new Continental GT. However, the big difference comes in depth.

Here we must find two single seats, a central console with armrests, a refrigerator and things like a touch screen control system. The end result should be an almost perfect experience that allows the car to approach a Rolls-Royce when it comes to luxury.

2020 Bentley Flying Spur Review

While the majority of the automotive industry considers the model to be seven years old, luxury sedan life cycles are in more comfortable ranges. Bentley Flying Spur was launched in 2005 and precedes the iPhone and even most social networking platforms. There was a major refurbishment in 2013 he reviewed the body and the interior, but the central structure of the Spur has not changed, as well as much of its electric structure. According to our calculations, this means that he reached 98 influential in the years of dogs. So it seems very likely that this completely new version, which we see here for the first time, is still with us in the 1930s.

As with the original car, the Flying Spur is already the sedan of the Continental GT Coupe convertible, which shares the main mechanics and is on the same MSB platform developed by the Volkswagen Group. The outer dimensions are strictly changed: 212.8 inches long, 0.2 inches taller than the previous car, and 58.6 inches high, and the overall width of 77.3 inches has already been reduced by half an inch. The most important difference is with the wheelbase. At 125.8 inches, 5.1 inches longer than the outside Spur, Bentley says the room is better used in the cabin.

It certainly has a level of visual presence suitable for Bentley, with a chrome mesh of vertical radiator which must challenge the massive Schnozz of the BMW 7 Series for surface space. They tell us that paddles play a respectful tribute to the year 1957. S1 Continental Flying Spear. The bottom grids can be finished with black or bright chrome. Another traditional touch is the Flying B mascot available on the lid, which now lights up at night and can be deployed electrically and able to meet pedestrian footprint requirements. The headlights of the LED matrix are similar in style with the headlights in the Continental, while the LED backlights have a B image.

The body is made of high-performance Bentley aluminum which emphasizes the best rigidity of the torsion of its kind. The side of the new Spur becomes more powerful in the background with what is actually an old and crumbling railing line from the rear doors to the back of the tailgate, echoing the line on the front fenders. The back of the box is extremely with a prominent trunk no longer containing the license plate. The 21-inch wheels will be standard while 22-inch wheels are optional and 17 standard colors will be offered.

Not surprisingly, the cabin is great in both tradition and technology. Bentley manufactures wood and leather for longer than anyone else, and we were surprised to find none of the material appearing in the cockpit. Much of the central architecture is shared with Continental, but the center console design is new and includes horizontal ventilation slots. There is a central panel that runs between a wooden panel, a 12.3-inch touch screen or a triangular analog quadrant. There are real bronze details on the clock and some keys, and there are more ingredients that now have a diamond finish. Cutting options include wooden seats lined with shades and quilted leather with 3-D padded door cards as shown in these official shots.

Although the old Flying Spur was not limited to seating in the rear seat, it would be more extensive. Bentley says the entire length of the wheelbase has provided extra space for the legs to the rear. Later. Although there are two full-size seats at the rear, there is a central seat belt and a headrest that can be spread to allow an extra passenger into space when thinking of less comfort. The seats are heated and ventilated, can be massaged and adjustable enhancements and the rear compartment has its own touchscreen system. There is also a full-length panoramic sunroof, with retractable Alcantara curtains that match the color of the ceiling lining.

The comprehensive change in the new platform has provided more technology, including a range of driver assistance functions such as warning at blind spots, night vision, and a closed-view camera to facilitate maneuvering. There are also three different sound systems on the table, including the Naim configuration for the 19-megapixel speakers, the configurable internal surround lighting and the front screen. If you want more luxury, the Bentley Mulliner section has a range of unique color options, decorations, and customization, such as various wheel designs and open door pores.

The Flying Spur launches a familiar engine, the W-12 twin turbocharger used by the company since the launch of the Continental GT in 2003. In its latest aspects, as shown in Bentayga and Continental. GT, the W-12 now has the direct and indirect injection and produces 626 horsepower and 664 lb. Bentley claims that the time is from zero to 60 mph from 3.7 seconds (not bad, given the weight of 5370 lb. in European specifications) and a top speed of 207 mph. Despite not confirming the company, we can safely expect that the cheaper V-8 engine will head to Flying Spur later, and we also believe that the newly launched V-6 hybrid at the Bentayga Haz is also moving.

As with the Continental GT, the W-12 sedan is moving to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission instead of the torque converter as the old car did. This is the same as the ZF module installed in the Porsche Panamera (which is a companion on the platform with Spur) and has been optimized to provide the proper optimization for Bentley. Since the BMW M5 now has a torque converter, it looks like an interesting move and may create a great limit. The maximum speed is reached in the sixth gear. The seventh and eighth are transgressors driving the economy.

The transmission transmits torque to all four corners through a new drive system that uses an electronically controlled clutch system to convert torque to the front axle as needed; in normal driving, the car acts as a rear-end driver. The torque distribution varies according to different driving styles, resulting in up to 354 lbs being sent to the front wheels normally, but only 207 lb in the sport mode.

The rear wheel steering is new and innovative for Bentley, with an electronic control system. The suspension uses air springs of 60 percent larger than the previous model and has four sensors that continuously control the dampers. Like the Bentayga and Continental, there is also an efficient anti-roll system that uses a 48-volt operator to stiffen the mounting rods under load. Bentley also claims that the 16.5-inch front brake discs are the largest iron rotors ever installed in a passenger car.

We have been told that Flying Spur will be available for demand by the end of this year, with delivery at the beginning of 2020. There is no price information yet, but you would be surprised if it did not result in a significant increase in the previous model, which started at just under $ 230,000 With W-12. For target customers who are illegally problematic.

2020 Bentley Flying Spur Price And Release Date

The 2020 Bentley Flying Spur is a very stylish alternative to the Mercedes-Mievach S650 and Rolls-Royce Ghost. Here you have everything you need to know about it.

Bentley Flying Spur’s 2020 prices will start from £ 165,000 to £ 10,000 less than the Mercedes-Miev S650. However, getting Bentley selected at the same level as Mercedes would cost around £ 200,000.

The Bentley Flying Sport 2020 will start selling early next year.

There is no denying that the Bentley Flying Spur 2020 model has a sophisticated car model. Its flat, rectangular grille, round headlamps, and elegant headdress embellish it in the foreground, while the sides are followed by 22-inch wheels. Even the background was able to look upscale, boasting a pair of large exhaust pipes so that each could serve as a rabbit hole.

The Bentley Flying Spur 2020 engine is the same as the 6.0-liter W12 engine installed in the Bentley Continental GT Coupe. It produces a 635 horsepower and 900 nm pullout, which is launched on the jet from 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds. With a top speed of 207 mph, and the eight-speed transmission can reach the sixth seed. The two remaining Turostan are in place to help fuel the high-speed flight. However, however, the Bentley Flying Spur 2020 is likely to return no more than 20mpg.

The Bentley Flying Spur 2020 brakes are the largest ever in the production vehicle: 420 mm. The car also has a three-cabin air suspension system with an air volume that is 60 percent higher than the previous model. This means that there is a greater range between athletic configuration and comfort, allowing the suspension to be firmer or softer than before.

Bentley Flying Spur 2020 can be purchased with active anti-roll bars, preventing the car from over-tilting at turns.

Bentley Flying Spur’s 2020 cabin is significantly more ridiculous. Its 3.195 mm wheelbase means that the car is 130mm longer than the previous version, which offers significant shock to the rear passenger seat area. The headspace will also be generous. The material is as luxurious as the Flying Spur cabin is full of wood and leather.

For information and entertainment, Bentley Flying Spur 2020 has the same 12-inch optional touch screen as the Continental GT Coupe. It’s a vibrant, vibrant screen that works with most of the car’s features, but if you think it conflicts with the rest of your skin and skin, it can easily disappear. It has three spin sides, white leaves, or wood veneer or three analog signs with traditional sides. These facets show compass, tilt and outdoor temperature scale.

Its high price, luxurious interior, and spacious cabin make the Bentley Flying Spur 2020 an ideal vehicle to be transported. Fortunately, if you find yourself a driver, the room is still equipped to make your life a lot easier. It has a series of independent aid, which combines to make traveling with Flying Spur on the highway and through heavy traffic. There is also night vision, self-parking and a 360-degree camera with Eagle Eye.

If you feel the inevitable itching to burn a hole in your purse, you can spend and customize your Bentley Flying Spur 2020. In addition, you can replace the skin from the inside with a vegetarian alternative and choose from a large number of wood and metal pieces.

Elections do not end there. There is a fleet of stereo options to wrap your head. The standard system is 650 watts but can be upgraded to Bang & Olufsen with 1500 watts and 16 earphones. Is not that enough? Then you can choose a nineteen-channel Naim stereo that pumps the bass directly from the front seats of the Flying Spur.

2020 Bentley Flying Spur Specification

The Bentley Motors logo is located in Crewe, England, since its establishment at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to its distinctive logo and reputation for powerful but luxurious cars. The car company became known when its cars won the Le Mans 24-hour race four times during the 1920s and 1930s, and the automobile company won the famous car race in 2003. The world of sports car racing, Bentley is famous for its Bentley 4 1/2 L and Speed ​​models. The performance of R Type Continental, Turbo R and Arnage is good. Recently, Continental Flying Spur, Continental GT, Bentayga and Mulsanne from Bentley have proven to be strong sports vehicles.

Bentley first appeared with the Continental Flying Spur in 2006, its first model after the Volkswagen Group got the brand. The first Flying Spur model was essentially a four-door version of the Continental GT although it was longer and wider with a large rear seat area. The spur was designed on the Continental GT and was renovated in 2014. The 2014 model included a 616-liter 6-liter turbocharged 616-hp turbocharged engine. The entire steering wheel was pushed back. The car was luxurious, sophisticated and powerful. This has also led to a better fuel economy than previous models.

After half a decade, Bentley decided to renew his classic film Flying Spur. While preserving the original features of the Continental GT, the updated model is expected to feature Audi and Porsche features. Although Bentley has secretly hidden the 2020 Flying Spur, car enthusiasts briefly hinted at the new model. It is clear that the Bentley 2020 Flying Spur will be technologically advanced, more powerful and more luxurious than previous models.

Despite the Bentley Flying Spur 2020, those who watched the car speculated about what the car looked like. Most likely, the Spur 2020 is based on the Continental GT. The latest Flying Spur appears to be a four-door sedan. It has a quad lamp design. The network seems to be wider. The bumper looks more sporty than the last model. The rear bumper has a more muscular appearance and seems to have a rectangular tail that looks longer and thinner than in the past. The style features a long surface cover, pointed-up pans, and majestic handrails. The engine hood is toned.

Under the hood, the Bentley Flying Spur 2020 will surely have a powerful engine. Speculation is that the engine will be similar to the Porsche Panamera Hybrid. The model can also contain some parts of the Audi engine. The car may have a powerful diesel and gasoline engine. The engine is likely to have a capacity of four liters of the V8 engine with the possibility of making upgrades. The engine is expected to have at least 500 horsepower.

One can only guess what the internal features of the Bentley Flying Sport 2020 will be, but it will certainly be luxurious. Bentley offers no expense in providing the most sophisticated and elegant interior features for its cars. Flying Spur certainly offers many options in skins and thin panels with sophisticated accents.

The floor is, the internal features of the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur will be based on Porsche. Most likely, the seats are made of soft leather available in different colors with diamond filling. The stitching seat will be color compared. Durable stitching will continue on the leather steering wheel. Certainly, the panels will be within 2020 Flying Spur of excellent quality and advanced molds. It is speculated that the latest model of the Flying Spur will have a refrigerated compartment in the backrest of the central rear seat.

The Bentley Flying Spur 2020 will definitely be a great new car. She will certainly have a lot of strength and her silhouette will certainly be elegant and muscular. As with any Bentley model, the interior of the Flying Spur 2020 will have luxurious features to inspire a sophisticated flight.

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