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Sunday, May 6th, 2018 - Mercedes
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2019 Mercedes G Wagon. While it may seem similar, the basic goals from the start were to improve things you can not see, especially with regard to overall hardness. Increased rigidity has been achieved by focusing on body building and the connections between the suspension system, the transmission system and the entirely new ladder framework. During this process, more care has been taken to create more severe gaps in the chassis and provide more elegance in wheel arches and bumpers. The body structure is built with various steel grades while the doors, bonnet, and aluminum bumpers. G-wagen insiders will notice external similarities: the spare frame cover and door handles are the same as those in the previous model.

Look closely, and you will see the moments! Glass windshield. Rest assured, the remaining glass is flat like a frozen lake. The first images fell from 2019 Mercedes G Wagon after the debut of the SUV at the Detroit Motor Show in January. Pictures show a familiar look, but small details refer to the latest Mercedes G Wagon from the previous model. However, the biggest changes are less than the leather, as the new Mercedes G Wagon gets a revamped interior design, a brand new chassis and the latest Mercedes engines to bring this old 4×4 model to the 21st century.

In the front, the flat face is still comfortable – but now it has full LED lamps. You can also identify smaller car-like side mirrors to reduce air noise, and the larger Mercedes beacon – but the traditional indicators on the hood remain unchanged. On the other hand, it is very similar to the old Mercedes G Wagon, except for the recharged fuel filler cover and the loss of side vents that have been feature since the first Mercedes G Wagon in 1979. The third side window is also larger to improve visibility. See at the back of Mercedes G Wagon in 2019, you will be forgiven if you are mistaken for the old model. Apart from the softer edges, the updated LED brake lights and the different location of the rear mop are hardly anything else significantly different from the previous Mercedes G Wagon. The outward Mercedes G Wagon may not have changed much, but the interior varies greatly in 2019.

The main reason behind this interior design is that the Mercedes G Wagon is now sharing the same electrical interior as the high-specification Mercedes models, meaning that the SUV can benefit from a neat two-disc entertainment / entertainment arrangement, like the latest E class and flagship S class The traditional touches such as the passenger handle and the position of the vents remain unchanged. The new Mercedes G Wagon is slightly larger and older than the old model, which means that it would be better to carry three rear fascia. Rear seats were also moved back to give a 15 cm back foot space over Mercedes G Wagon old. This does not mean that the capacity of the shoe has suffered – and there are no accurate figures yet but the load capacity for 2019 Mercedes G Wagon will be more than 476 capacity -liter of the outgoing model.

Arguably the most recent aspect of the outgoing 2019 Mercedes G Wagon is the twin G550 turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 that has reached the 2016 model. (Replacing the previous V-8 with 5.5 liters). While the output of 4.0 liters remains unchanged at 416 hp and torque of 450 lb-ft at 2000 rpm, it should perform slightly improved performance as the 2019 block is low. After all, it was already a lot too fast at the previous G550, and appeared just equipped next to a 563 hp Mercedes AMG G63 or 626 horsepower V-12 powered G65. By talking about it, you can bet on new versions of all of this monster in business. Also new to the 2019 Mercedes G Wagon is the automatic transmission setting for nine-speed benz.

Although already used in other models, the torque converter and transmission program have been specially modified for G duty. In addition, Mercedes claims that the widespread deployment makes driving “more manageable and comfortable, especially at low engine speeds” – due in part to a reduction in the number of engine cycles per minute and thus less engine noise. In addition, the new gearbox is said to reduce fuel consumption. The new transport box provides a full-time four-wheel drive and divides the 40/60 torque output from front to rear. The low group now provides a 2.93: 1 mark, a significant increase from the previous 2.10: 1 ratio. It can be operated at speeds up to 43 miles per hour but can only be selected when the transmission is neutral.

The new 2019 Mercedes G Wagon sale will start selling in the spring of 2019. There are no official prices yet, but given the fundamental changes under the skin, the new Mercedes G Wagon is expected to be slightly higher than the current price of £89,355 – an entry at the G500 costing € 107,040 in Germany. Initially, there will be two pieces – the most rugged standard and the urban AMG Line. Sitting on top of those, as always, will be the AMC Bonner model.

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