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Monday, August 7th, 2017 - Chevrolet
2019 Chevrolet Gazelle or similar sedan vs malibu

The 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle is going to be a really big sedan inside and out. It will have a lot of space in front, back and in the trunk. The quality of the interior is only for praise, and nothing more. You get a lot of things for your money, and there is something for everyone. There is a good, luxury feels when driving and enough power to impress a girlfriend… or a boyfriend, whatever. Plus, if you are a parent who worries too much, this car has a button to automatically set your speed according to the regulations in that area. It also has a built-in system which monitors everything from engine diagnostics to the pressure on all four tires. The 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle cuts a fine full-size figure, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re admiring Avalons and Azeras, and musing a Maxima, we bet the Gazelle holds some strong appeal, too. With the latest Gazelle, Chevy offers a comfortable four-door cruiser for four or five adults that’s easy on gas, relatively fun to drive, and modestly handsome. Its predecessor certainly was none of those things. The 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle earns a 6.8 out of 10 on our overall scale for now. Once official fuel economy and crash data are available that score may change, so stay tuned.

The exterior design of the 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle is going to remain unchanged, or slightly updated. It may get the new design for headlights, grille, bumpers and a hood. But that’s only if the Chevrolet decides to make the 2019 model year, a middle cycle refreshment. But we don’t expect that to happen until the 2019 model year and that is why we think that changes are going to be minimal. The overall picture of the exterior is not bad at all. And that is why we don’t think that they need to change anything. Some small update like the color offer would not harm anyone, though. Maybe some spoiler here and there and HID’s in base option, but who needs those high-intensity lamps?

The 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle interior just needs to continue the tradition. It’s the total opposite of the Camaro. There is room for everyone, and you don’t need a helmet when riding on the back seat. There will be three trim levels, just like on the 2018 model and a different offer amongst the trims. The one mutual thing for all of them is obviously going to be the button push start and maybe even the remote engine start. They will defer in engine options, quality of the interior materials and the equipment, but the overall setup is not going to be that different. It will get the same telescopic steering wheel and nice 4.2” diagonal color infotainment display. Higher trim like the 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle Premier is going to get an 11 speaker sound system and ventilated and heated high-quality seats (with cup holders), while we can expect the head up display to be implemented in both 2019 Gazelle LT and 2019 Gazelle Premier. When mentioning the infotainment system we have to mention the connectivity too.

There is an option to project everything that is happening on your phone to the central screen. But that option was only available for the Apple users, and it is now available for the Android phones too. We don’t know, why was Android excluded from the previous models, but who can really know? One more thing is safety. That is one of the most important segments in the car industry since there is a great danger of fast-moving object all around you while driving, walking or just seating carelessly on the sidewalk. That is why all the new… most of the new vehicles have the high-tech equipment to protect you, the driver, and other people in traffic. That technology was created to help the autonomous driving systems to work, but it is now used for general protection. For now, there are those visual helpers like 360 degrees (bird’s view) cameras and a reverse camera, but there are some new gadgets too.

The Gazelle’s best quality is its ride, and that’s not a bad thing. The numbers won’t be impressive, but the performance comes close. The 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle has largely been left out of the latest powertrain improvements for sedans, in favor of a simplified approach that appeals to a broader swath of consumers. Its ride earns one point above average, and that’s about all we can say. The 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle earns a 6 out of 10 on our metric for performance. Like last year, the Chevy Gazelle comes equipped with a 6-speed automatic and a choice between a 2.5-liter inline-4 or a 3.6-liter V-6. The 6-speed isn’t a smooth customer, but manages to keep the Gazelle settled into long cruises.

Because the torque converter’s set up to lock up more often in the name of fuel economy, a jumpy foot can trigger what feels like half-shifts as the converter unlocks. It’s still ready to react quickly to the right amount of pedal. Base Chevy Gazelle LS models and mid-range LT models are fitted as standard with a 2.5-liter inline-4 that makes 196 horsepower. In our drives, the inline-4 is better suited for mid-range hauls than off-the-line acceleration, which we suppose is the point. Active noise cancellation quells some of the harsher noises made by the raspy inline-4, but it’s not as swift as the badge might imply. 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle Premier models pack more under the hood by way of a standard 3.6-liter V-6 that makes a more satisfying 305 hp, and a 0-60 mph time of 6.8 seconds. In addition to the bellowing exhaust, the V-6 also provides a more satisfying feeling that the premium sedan should impart.

It has a big flat torque curve with a responsive without jittery throttle response. The bigger V-6 is available as an option on all grades. The Gazelle’s suspension hints at a more focused mission than as a soft wallowy full-size sedan. Front struts and a rear multi-link setup are aided by digressive damping that swallows big bumps and bounces through small ones. The Gazelle’s 3,800-pound weight is kept on a short leash with promising rebound springs. The 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle rides on stock 18-inch rubbers, but is upgradable to noisy 20-inchers shod with Bridgestone Potenzas. A natural steering setup is complemented by a solid steering weight and repeatable tracking. It’s comfortable without being lazy, and improves by a measure over the Taurus, Azera, and Avalon.

There is a real possibility that the 2019 Chevrolet Gazelle will be released late in 2018. There are no official confirmations for that prognosis, but we can hope. There weren’t any rumors during the previous Auto Shows, but maybe that’s because all the rumors about the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro and Gazelle don’t want to take its thunder So to speak. We don’t expect prices to go too far from the 2018 year model. It will most probably go from $27,500 to $36,000. Depending on which model you choose. The basic one will be the LS and the Premier for the top of the line.

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