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Friday, February 17th, 2017 - Volkswagen
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2018 Volkswagen Microbus. Volkswagen just itching to launch a new generation of its microbus. First there was the concept Microbus 2001, and then there was the concept of poly funky 2011.

And now there is said to be a new concept of “Bus” coming and this one might just be a preview of the planning of production model. We’ve previously reported in the Volkswagen plans introduce the concept of the new microbus at next month’s consumer Electronics show in 2017, and now we have a teaser is similar to a large extent can be the unveiling of the concept of modern version.

The production it will be followed by a statement soon. It is said that the production model to be allocated to the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico, with the first examples because as soon as 2018. But that’s not all. The concept also highlight new technologies such as autonomy and communication systems as well as the next general electric propulsion system.

The move is part of Volkswagen’s efforts to rebuild its reputation after a diesel fraud emissions scandal, which includes an increased focus on the electrification of the car and technology. The advanced drivetrain new electric push previewed in concept 2018 Volkswagen Microbus is likely that the units of the Middle East electric Bank car platform vehicles Volkswagen earlier been confirmed.

It is expected to be mounted at the front axle with batteries that should be placed on the vehicle floor and a small electric motor. The bank itself to be able to offer driving ranges between 155 and 310 miles.

And car enthusiasts hoping that 2018 Volkswagen Microbus will provide a perfect balance of safety, comfort and utility. If Volkswagen staying true to the classic design, it is possible to a large extent they will pull this off. The company must remember what customers want in a car with a lot and suitable cargo space completely through trips.

In recent years, Volkswagen teased a couple of other new campers as well. For the first time the concept Microbus again in 2001, Poly made its appearance in 2011.Each of these models some of the signals provided as much as possible the emergence of this latest model is the concept in question. Just like the 2018 Volkswagen Microbus concept of 2001, this year 2018 Volkswagen Microbus will borrow three major design cues from the car hippie Bus.

This original and essentially be designed to save the North American auto market in mind. Still to be named this carrier the 21st century, but it is supposed to be largely inspired by the original model. Originally, the model was rear engine was produced in various forms from late 1949 right in history was produced stopped.

First design cue be a solid D column and design of the fund from the Department of the center looks like it will be the second cue design that this model shares with the original creator of a bus. The third cue design to be very short in the front-end load. Company officials stressed that they intend to keep the distance between the front end and A very short column. This means that the company is focusing on maintaining the classic design, which is very exciting for fans of this classic style.

Will 2018 Volkswagen Microbus get reactionary treatment only when it comes to design and design. As far as it comes to the engine, and you will be getting the drivetrain all brand new electric vehicles. Being slightly smaller than the carrier, the electric propulsion system for this car is also provided to all working battery models coming from the Volkswagen-powered.

There will be a small electric motor that will be the engine, wheels, batteries front will be stored underground. Thus, this, the new vehicle will be both sustainable and environmentally friendly for well. Technical for powertrain details are still close to nothing.

However, it will reportedly be using components borrowed from the Audi R8 model you can see him, as well as the concept of e-Tron Quattro Audi, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in very soon. Latest advancement in technology for lithium-ion battery means that this 2018 Volkswagen Microbus will be able to provide the driving range maximum for in somewhere between 20 miles and 310 miles.

It true that offered on the electric variant threshold during the time of release, but there reports that also allows buyers to choose between diesel and gasoline engines burning diesel, which will be brought in from the Volkswagen parts bin.

Price is not yet known. It is said the first being planned for the concept of this new 2018 Volkswagen Microbus for the year 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This means that there is not a lot of time when customers will get the first look of this, the legendary revived.

Once the editing concept model, and will disclose more information about this car will be unveiled later arriving more specific. It should be added to the regular production model Volkswagen model lineup in 2018. It will be manufactured by the Golf and Beetle in Puebla, Mexico, where the original Beetle original carrier was manufactured before.

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