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Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 - Volkswagen
2018 volkswagen crafter configurator update review

2018 Volkswagen Crafter. “Update” may be an understatement, though, as the Crafter is new from the wheels up. This comes as the division with Volkswagen has long been a constructive partner on the Mercedes-Benz.

Yes, Volkswagen basically badge engineered itself Crafterly off the Mercedes Sprinter platform. Mercedes even built the truck for Volkswagen, even though he was working in the Crafter sources of Volkswagen Ajn- powertrains. The new 2018 Volkswagen Crafter still playing on the extreme functionality found in the feud. Low load floor and available high-altitude ceiling allows large amounts of cargo room even walk. The truck short overhangs and a tight turning radius is perfect for navigating narrow engineers European streets.

Volkswagen not only reverse the hostility to the use of Volkswagen engineering. They reportedly conducted a comprehensive survey of customers Crafter to find what features they liked, did not like, and want to see in future products. Volkswagen says this leads to the driver’s aid, like a backup camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, a system of compensation side wind, and even the availability of higher 4MOTION AWD system. On of these features Volkswagen Volkswagen’s updated standard power generating option.

The new 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI offered in four levels of production, including alternative twin-turbo with 175 horsepower. What is more, the 2018 Volkswagen Crafter and offers more options drivetrain than just about any vehicle in recent memory. Customs can also order FWD, RWD or AWD, and on top of automatic transmission or manual. impressive.

In spite of the usual boxy shape, the new Artisan has the lowest drag coefficient in its class, at just 0. 33. That makes it slippery and aerodynamic than any other big car in production, and must pay dividends in fuel economy and emissions. The familiar diesel engine is available with four different power outputs, and buyers can specify automatic or manual. Depending on the needs of the owner, 2018 Volkswagen Crafter can be specified with front, rear, or 4MOTION four-wheel drive.

Three different lengths and three different roof heights means that whatever load you want to carry, you should be able to find a craftsman’s suit needs. We expect the Gulf of pregnancy entry-level about 2,600 mm, in line with the current model, with a width of approximately 1,300 mm for the match. There will also be a range of body styles and specialized vehicles Base readily convertible to suit the needs of different companies. The big news is likely to owners Crafter is to add a lot of safety technology, both positive and negative.

The 2018 Volkswagen Crafter is the first large panel van with electric power steering, allowing for more active safety systems in during leadership intervention. This means that the new 2018 Volkswagen Crafter ESP with trailer stability, adaptive cruise control, and to help the side wind system trailer maneuvering – all that is available either standard or optional in equipment. There also front and lateral airbags head of the driver and passengers, as well as reversing camera, sensors parking, and an alert system back traffic. LED are highlights other safety headlights with cornering system, as well as the main beam assist.

While the former Crafter sharing the body and platform with the Mercedes Sprinter, ended the partnership until the new model is unique for Volkswagen at the present time in. Just like we did the whole gamut of Volkswagen technology thrown at it, and will be built in a brand new factory in Poland, specifically for the construction of the new Crafters.

The 2018 Volkswagen Crafter has Volkswagen standard “flip the family, which seems to translate very well on the larger’s, car Fund lying is like behind the network companies are familiar 2.0-liter diesel Volkswagen engine, found in the car and the passenger cars range now she’s euro 6-compliant, and will be available in four power outputs – 100 bhp, 120 bhp, 138 bhp bi-unit turbo with 175 bhp.

Volkswagen Pricing has not issued for the year 2018 Volkswagen Crafter yet, but is expected to follow closely the pricing levels of last year’s truck. 2017 model starts at £29,355, or about $ 39,000 at current exchange rates. Of course, the prices go up when choosing a longer wheelbase, roof longer, or powertrain upgrade.

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