2018 Volkswagen Convertible Preview And News

Saturday, August 6th, 2016 - Volkswagen

2018 Volkswagen Convertible. Iconic Volkswagen Convertible seen some amazing changes, but stays immobile appeal with an innovative and unusual. Volkswagen a great job over the years to maintain the concept of a simple Convertible while offering a small car is very attractive for those looking for something really unique. We’ll see the same appeal stunning 2018 Volkswagen Convertible, but the improvements to the exterior and interior are sure to come.

The 2018 Volkswagen Convertible will return and be more attractive than ever, new rumors on the front end re-designed that will make it even sports. And improvements to handling and performance, and more power to make it more attractive for lovers of the Convertible and the new pro.

In terms of the external appearance is running, the car will remain faithful to the original Convertible look, but with modern lines and appear to be more competitive. Will be re-design of the network, in addition to the headlights and tail lights. Also, high ground clearance 0. 2 inches with respect to a typical beetle had been expected, it is also 2. 2 inches wide and 1. 1 inches longer.

When you take a peek inside the hut, you’ll find 7. 7-inch AMOLED touch-screen interface, and the number is more design and rugged, according to their functions dune – from the drive. He also side-Volkswagen program designers and Volkswagen to determine the characteristics, joined with current technology uses the classic design of the road. Planning is the color in Titan Black leather seats, using a mix of fabrics Gobi inclusion of colored ceramics.

Exactly the same engine mounted on the possibilities that can be found in the next generation variables theory, will also be supporting the 2018 Volkswagen Convertible Dune turbo 4-cylinder engine 2. 0-liter direct injection capable of producing 210 hp and 207 lb ft of torque. Engine will be paired with the possibility of the use of DSG manual transmission or 6-speed automatic. Compared with the Volkswagen Convertible 1. 2-liter TSI Basically, this engine is significantly more powerful. The dune is AWD. Pay FWD only, to assist in the electrical difference XDS. 2018 Volkswagen Convertible Dune Review

If you were hoping for a radical price drop with the new Volkswagen Convertible company, you’ve got another thing coming. The price of the models in 2018 are comparable with the current models with all the details below. 2018 Volkswagen Convertible SE Price starting at $ 20,200. 2018 Volkswagen Convertible SE starting price of $ 21,600. 2018 Volkswagen Convertible SEL starting price of $ 26,400. 2018 Volkswagen Convertible Wolfsburg starting price of $ 19,900. 2018 Volkswagen Convertible R- line starting price of $ 26,400.

With Volkswagen Convertible 2018 release date is expected to be detected by detection of an event which should be during the spring of 2018 it separated it leaves a lot to us to speculate. It is not expected to be much different from the release of the 2018 models with Volkswagen being very consistent in recent years there. Launch in Germany will have to come through early fall 2018 with the launch in other markets including the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States at the beginning of Q4.

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