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Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 - Seat
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2018 Seat Leon. Leon is one of the best-selling car seat and it had received just updated a few days ago at the Paris Motor Show. The new model will be available for sale starting from the first month of 2018, while the highest will be released after the end versions shortly afterwards.

This means a small update to bring the car in line with the latest Volkswagen and we have to say that they did it. However, the 2018 SEAT Leon Beauty is still not perfect. The car is still missing some important qualities was his appearance has not changed much as we hoped.

The new 2018 Seat Leon is nothing more than just raising a moderate level really from the previous model. It seems about the same, and that later, he pushes himself and it comes to a large extent with the same engines as before.

Abroad, it has been given Leon a larger front grill to make the car look bigger, and other design disk hidden, including front and rear lights which now has the same signature as LED ATECA. Three new colors are also offered. Inside, there was a “communication square” as seen on ATECA which includes wireless charging.

Now install the brake and parking of electric cars on the central console and revised, and some Leon decorations and lighting now and ambient LED, which can be controlled via information and entertainment system. Digital dash like a lot of system virtual cockpit driving Audi also available, going by the name FPK (programmable counters in German).

The size of the screen and the media has grown from 6.5 in to 8.0 in on all but the entry-level S specification. It adds functionality to the old system, and removes some of the buttons from the dashboard. Seat also claims that 2018 Seat Leon refreshed quieter than the current model. Trim pieces inside, including the door cards, was updated. Other include technical upgrades added traffic jam assist other technology inherited from ATECA system that allows semi-autonomous driving up to 37 mph.

It has also been added to identify the traffic and detecting blind signals, although these are likely to be on the cars highest specifications only. Seat claims improved-navigation sat systems camera in 2018 Seat Leon too, as well as parking assist system enables the car can park itself.

Along with emergency assistance and high beam assist, it is expected to show the highest level in the list of specifications for Leon, also this. In the UK, there will be five trim levels to choose from, including the addition of new specifications to the highest level. The Auto mode badge entry-level S, moving up through the bio-SE, SE, technology, FR and new Xcellence.

Last objectives to provide a premium feel, with a standard ambient interior lighting, key less entry and go, furnishings and upgraded rear and LED indicators. Seat positioning and Xcellence luxurious alternative to semi Cupra FR sporty specifications.

Most of the engines found on the previous model can also be found on the 2018 Seat Leon facelift. However, there are two brand new base engines. Has also been added 1 liter Turbo inline 3 on the golf of Leon. This provides 113 horsepower and a good amount of rotation torque for its size.

The 2018 Seat Leon diesel unit base the new 1.6-liter and which also provides 113 horsepower replaced. Both of these are among the least power in the classes each but both of them are also among the most speed manual efficient. A six or seven-speed dual-clutch will be available in any of them.

In the near future, it is also expected to receive some Cupra upgrades. The 2 liters in it has been rumored to provide closer to 296 horsepower provided by the Game Golf R. Combining that the amount of energy with a much lower price should make the Cupra theft in the hot hatch market.

It will be updated Cupra Leon after Leon standard. Maybe at the beginning of 2018. seat it describes the Cupra group also comes with a “surprise,” even though the speaker’s seat did not give any details about what might be. And make sure to get more power, although it is not yet clear whether this means that it will be cut 300 bhp, in the case of 290.

Sales Cupra begin in February 2018 for the fifth door and estate models ST. Three doors SC and out of focus on the road and versions X complications will go on sale later this soon, before the completion of a set of Cupra variants. Seat and unify the global launch of the model in January dates, but may develop a case of release in the UK history to take advantage of record 17 plate.

To remain close to those of the current model is determined rates. Price of the car likely will not change much. This means that, depending on the market it will be sold in, the new 2018 Seat Leon starts at about €16,000, will rise from there. This is a very good start considering that the price of the car is basically the same as golf, The only cheaper.

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