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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 - Pontiac

2018 Pontiac Aztek. A few cars were directed for many negative views as the Pontiac Aztek. Auto calling him a means recreation sport that blends sports car attributes with those of a small bus, sedan and wagon. Designed to provide all-purpose transport, aimed at younger buyers, was introduced Pontiac Aztek in 2001. The model, which depends on the platform used for Minivans-wheel-drive Front GM Pontiac Aztek was the company’s first SUV / Minivan “crossover” vehicle. Buick Rendezvous uses observers and media construction. Many similar industry described in the Pontiac Aztek as ugly and unattractive.

Not everyone agrees that the new model was an unforgivable mistake for Pontiac, but not some of the amendments appearance occur. The 2018 Pontiac Aztek can be equipped with front-drive or four-wheel drive. Pontiac Azteks became equipped with gains OnStar communications system upgrade GM’s ability to hands-free in 2005. The CD player / MP3 available in 2004. The group models Rally Edition option features a lowered front suspension, chromed aluminum 17-inch wheels and body-color grille.

Twin signing port Pontiac grille familiar to some extent, but the rest of the body is a love affair-acceptance or hate it. And clad bumpers and body sides less gray plastic, glass rear window and a large flip-up giving back at the end of a steep slope. And tailgate beneath the rear window folds down and includes built-in seats and cup holders. Fitted with four conventional side doors, and 2018 Pontiac Aztek stands 66. 9 inches tall, riding 108. 3-inch wheelbase riding, measures 182. 2 inches long overall.

The spoiler is standard. Standard tires 16 inches in diameter, but the 17-inch tires are available. Pontiac enhances internal Pontiac Aztek in five passengers and versatile, which features two bucket seats in front and three rear-seat venue. 2018 Pontiac Aztek payload capacity and expands to 45. 4 cubic feet to 95. 1 cubic feet when the rear seats are removed. The car can accommodate cargo-storage plywood 4 systems available to -8 feet sheet.

Two: cargo tray withdrawal that holds up to 400 pounds, and cargo net that have anchors the compound word. Latches and removable insulated cooler / unit between seats. An before the head-up display projects an optional driving information onto the windshield. And it includes camping tent that fits over the back half of the car option set. XM Satellite Radio and Entertainment DVD rear seat available.

185-horsepower, 3. 4-liter V-6 with automatic transmission mates with four-speed automatic. 2018 Pontiac Aztek can be equipped with drive. All with front wheel drive or four-wheel drive Pontiac Azteks her side airbags impact and anti-lock brakes, which are optional on the front engine models. Styling opinions differ, but Pontiac Aztek remained perfectly attention getter. This SUV calm and solid on the road.

He directs with a light touch, maneuvers well in all parts of the city and is stable on the performance of actively highway. The Pontiac Aztek may not set any records, but the response is more than satisfactory. Address about on par for a car of this caliber, but the biggest reward SUV is flexible interior space.

2018 Pontiac Aztek arrives in showrooms with a V-6 first downs versions. Prices range from $ 21,535 for the base model all the way to $ 41,000 if you’re not careful – but well equipped powered V6 Pontiac Aztek with rear view camera and sound MyLink run about $ 31,700.

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