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Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 - Opel
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2018 Opel Insignia. Opel company began testing sessions for the updated car Insignia. It is already known that the novelty will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2018. At the same time, according to news publications, these sedans get a lot of updates. For example, these changes include a new grille and innovative shots system. The multiple of the 2018 Opel Insignia media, caught by photospies, it appeared on the Internet. Although the “Iron Horse” and camouflaged dramatically, and can ensure that the car will be more elegant than its predecessor.

The main objective of the company cars to produce a new version of the Insignia that the car is the most elegant in the whole model lineup. So, for example, will feature a car roof sloping, which makes the outer surface similar to the Coupe four-door, not a hatchback, as it was before. Besides, the grandmother and great variety of stylistic solutions feature set, typical of the concept of Monza also car. There information that the new generation Insignia will be released under the Buick name on the car markets in Europe as well as the United States of America.

Although there is a great possibility for us not to observe any particular revolutionary solutions, and this car will follow the evolutionary path of modern design and still get a lot of changes in the external appearance. It is also known that the manufacturer will make the new 2018 Opel Insignia up to 10 cm longer than the current model. Due to this, the rear passengers enjoy the comfort of accommodation. It is considered to be the main feature of the news. But the base car previously so difficult to be called a small one, and reached as far as 2737 in addition meters.

The model will be based on a new platform, which is used very light materials. This gives an opportunity to reduce the weight Iron Horse by 200 kg, which in turn will provide more effective than performing powertrain. Thanks to this, the new 2018 Opel Insignia has also become one of the most economical cars in class. As her earlier, and the car should be presented in the European market in two body, a hatchback and the wagon. But, as already noted, the hatchback because of its sloping roof will resemble the type of Gran Turismo coupe. The internal Grandma will also receive several improvements.

Therefore, it is known that a large digital display with the functions, to replace the entire board leadership, will be installed here. The home will be equipped with a display screen, because of which will be displayed on each of the parameters windshield. To in each of the above, the manufacturers also add a large panoramic roof made of glass. But most likely, it will not load production model with gull-wing doors.

There are a lot of rumors spread about the engine, which will be under the hood of the next 2018 Opel Insignia model. It is likely that the models for different markets will also be different engines. The the most likely candidate to be the engine of 1. 4-liter turbo inline base model 4 engine with 160 horsepower and 170 of torque. Engines which are also often talked about for models with upper trims are the 1. 5-liter and 2-liter engines which will have nearly 180 and say 280 power. Rumors horse that 2018 Opel Insignia production for the European market will be available with diesel engines as well. Information about the transmission speed are scarce and rare, but it seems that the Insignia should be available with all of the transfer speed automatic and manual.

Opel has created a fuel-efficient vehicles that are able to deliver solid performances in a relatively wide range of conditions. No official release date set for the 2018 Opel Insignia, however it is within reason to expect the model will be issued before the end of 2017 and the times passes more information should become available. The price range for this car should be anywhere between $ 27,000 to $ 35,000, but there is no official data on price. Once Insignia next model in the market in 2018 Opel insignia will compete with models from series such as BMW 3 series and Jaguar XE series. Based on the information available in the new Insignia will be the future model car that has a lot to offer to potential buyers.

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