2018 Nissan Micra Preview And News

Friday, July 22nd, 2016 - Nissan

The new 2018 Nissan Micra spotted in the street test, we received confirmation of the rumors surrounding this car up to the time Рa new generation of the new car will start. This is the fifth generation seems to apply many of the changes. However, it is difficult to recognize all under the cover of heavy, but it is clear that workers in the Japanese automaker recently were busy developing new compact car. According to the first spy shots, and overhauled the new Micra platform brings exciting solutions interesting. However, what we can see in these pictures is not carved in stone, it will not soon be releasing the car, and many of the changes are still possible.

New 2018 Nissan Micra will be slightly larger, more visible and better overall than the previous model. Abroad it new is characterized by “Frowning face” with a slick sports headlights and sharp fifth movement in front of the barrier which is similar to the concept of Sway in some way, but this is not so bad for the concept of Sway impressed all of us, so it makes a good change-up. They applied some of the same revolutionary design on the sides and back of the Micra segment.

They took Alfa Romeo 147 design and development of the rear door handles where the C- pillar to meet the rear side glass, which is very good and elegant idea. On the back side have dramatically re-shaped rear hatch and redesigned tail lights. And based on the 2018 Nissan Micra on the Status of Women and Family B platform, architecture and engineering that must be tested as I want it to serve as a basis for Juke. Interior Nissan of the new Nissan Micra will probably not taken from Sway concept completely, which is to understand, but we can, according to speculation, and we expect some Sway solutions to find it way on the inside of the new 2018 Nissan Micra along with bits and pieces of Reanult.

According to information on the Internet we were informed of the project in Nissan leaders that they were aware of the problems years previous model since, and it has been listening to the reactions and are going to improve that. Since It’s the new generation of 2018 Nissan Micra and cooperation between Renault and Nissan we can internal expect redesigned significantly, with lots of tech gadgets stuffed, higher than the plastic of the first class and materials, as well as furnishings. This satisfaction passengers time to be preference if they want to compete in the sector B along with the Peugeot 208, Ford Fiesta, Suzuki Swift, Volkswagen Polo company and others, which means paying more attention to detail, sound insulation, the overall simplicity and design, as well as space inside.

While parts of the 2018 Nissan Micra can be expected from the spy shots, we still have no clue as to what is lying under the hood. There is no official information on this subject, but we heard that the new 0. 9-liter gasoline drivetrain takes an attitude. This diesel unit is mated to a 5-speed, it is up to the buyers if the choice of manual or automatic mode. With many of the changes the body structure comes reduces weight. That means 2018 Micra will be more efficient. Diesel generating power still can be developed, as well as some other countries, and lighter, the structure of the components.

It is expected release date for the 2018 Nissan Micra in October 2017 at the Paris Motor Show, which is likely to be the first public unveiled, is expected to begin in the first half of 2018, prices and sales have speculated a lot but what is certain is that it will cost much more than models for the past few years it has changed the overall design, so we can expect, alleged, at a starting price of $ 18,000 for the base and up to trim the top of this new model of Micra.

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