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Sunday, August 7th, 2016 - Nissan

2018 Nissan Figaro. Nissan Figaro built to take advantage of the boom classic cars in Japan during the 1990s. They were -1 was S- goods was the first graduate of Pike factory, was interesting, but this Figaro this is the most famous in the UK. ‘Back to the future “, exclaimed in Nissan to launch the concept of Figaro at the Tokyo Motor Show 1989. Like the car based on the Nissan Micra K10- with a deliberate reference to the company’s classic cars, such as Werleida, and was available in four colors are: Topaz Fog, Emerald green, Pale Aqua and Lapis gray. to proved so popular that went into production two years later.

It was equipped Figaro luxury, with leather seats, air conditioning, CDs and fabric surface opening player. 12000 Built in the end, it was the potential buyers to enter the lottery to be able to buy one of these cars. It was particularly popular with the city’s residents, who appreciate the ease of driving. It has been installed more with the automatic transmission. If you’re looking for classic without tears, Figaro can be what you need. Classic car popular today, with hundreds of gray now imported into the United Kingdom.

Can the rear wheel arches including rot requires an entire wing is being replaced, the cost could reach £ 500. Also check the bottom edge of the rear window and around the vicinity of the tail lights, where ornamental vines can trap water and harbor rust. Also builds corrosion and trims behind the front panel, the upper and lower body side, grille surround and front and rear bumpers. Get under the car and make sure that the under seal that should have been applied upon arrival in the United Kingdom is present and it is also true – budget £ 400 for a new application.

Ask to see proof of a change cambelt recently – it should be done every 60,000 miles at least, must be exchanged water pump and tensioner in the same ball joints time. Worn and / or rod track ends and betrayed by the noise knocking loudly on the surfaces flat, and while Mac Pherson strut / four-link coil spring suspension setup will wear over time inevitably reciprocal and cut with a Nissan Micra keep cheap repairs. Springs can break, wheel cylinders can be considered as service elements. It should be steering smooth and quiet in operation – noisy and / or sticky process that could be down to the old PAS liquid or overshoes directing division, but can also indicate a worn pump or a pipe leak.

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