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Sunday, August 7th, 2016 - Mercedes

2018 Mercedes W126. The “126 bodies” Class S (or “126”) sold in 1980 to 1991 and one of the most influential designs in the history of Mercedes-Benz. It’s hard to argue 126 in exude strength and development and continue to inspire the tradition today. Among the sleekest designs on the road when he presented, the 126s of the first modern luxury cars equipped with anti-lock brakes, air bags, traction control, and many other advances.

Many technological films determine the vintage of the S- Class to be driven by strong pessimism figures – the bad guys that the leadership of fear and respect. One could say the 126 is the star of a big film for classic design and clean lines that did not diminish even by today’s standards.

When making the W126 S Class for the first time in 1979 (1980 in the United Kingdom), buyers can choose from 280 SE, 380 SE / SEL (the latter get a 4. 5-inch longer wheel base) or 500 SE / SEL. Face lift in the autumn of 1985 brought new bumpers and curtains along with 15-inch wheels instead of the previous 14-inch items. The most important new 300 SE 3. 0 liter instead of the previous 280 SE, while replaced the V8 4. 2-liter unit 3. 8. 500 SE and SEL has remained as it was before, but from autumn 1986 came new flagship – 560 SEL with a 295 bhp V8 5. 6 liters. A year later tweaked 5. 0-liter engine to give 262 bhp instead of the previous 240 bhp. By this point was the anti-lock brakes standard range.

They were previously optional on the cheapest models. Unsurprisingly, most of the really good S- categories which still have one of the largest V8 engines and are loaded with equipment from the anti-lock brake air bags, which makes S and one of the most powerful Class classic and safest around, and despite years of offering them. As a result, it is amazingly luxurious and comfortable, so it’s well-suited for long-distance cruising. Any S-Class – including the six-cylinder editions – easily able to swallow four people and their luggage for even the most demanding of trips.

Powered by 3. 0-liter 0. 5-cylinder turbo diesel in favor of the new 3. 0-liter turbo diesel, 6 cylinder of quieter design respectively. I dropped bodywork short 300 SDs wheels used in the earlier rule, and now offer ’86 diesel 300S DL.

Large-scale problems with this engine originated from the trap oxidizer steel exhaust systems which are designed to catch and hold the soot even heated up enough to burn away. Portions of this ceramic devices tend to cut and fly in the turbocharger itself, causing the early demise of the whole unit.

These engines have a good endurance record otherwise, even if you are thinking of 300 SDL, make sure you ask the seller for that matter. Odds are that became over the life of the car. Available without trap oxidizer replacement of exhaust systems. Because of these problems and it showed early, dropped 300 SDL year after the ’87 model – and it took 126 s diesel stop until 1990-1991.

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