2018 Mercedes V Class Preview And News

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 - Mercedes

2018 Mercedes V Class. This model, Mercedes V Class in 2018, has a lot of possibilities. It is unique in design, comfortable and luxurious, with good quality Mercedes offers the usual, what more could you ask? But there is more. The car is a versatile, open in three lengths (from 4895 to 5370 meters). The second and third line can be arranged with seats for three people or, if you prefer it differently, with two seats with the other seats the second column pivoted 180 degrees.

What is the way the new model is better than the others? Let’s take a closer look at the interior rooms of the new gems of the company. The first think you notice when you open the door of this car is the space. 2018 Mercedes V Class interior area open until you feel the role of the modern loft apartments. Previous models of this line is no match for this one. It is selected All materials used in the cabin and carefully processed, so be nice to the touch. This feeling is just the beginning.

As you’re sitting, you realize that everything around on your hands, due to the special ergonomic design. What about the dashboard? It is transparent, giving other luxury touch to the final result. There you can find a touch screen, which stands by its own. He has inherited the cockpit of the C-Class line, but with a lot of improvements.

At the heart of the 2018 Mercedes V Class beats the 2. 1-liter engine with four-cylinder, which is available in three versions: V250 BlueTEC, V220 CDI (with 161 hp and 380 Nm) and V200 CDI (with 134 hp and 330 nm). Fuel consumption for this car is a 6. 0-lit. It is the main model of this line to provide “agile select” along with programmed transition. The owner has the option to choose from the following four conditions: “comfort”, “environment” (to lower emissions and consumption), “Sport” and “Manual”. This car acceleration in 9. 1 seconds and reach speeds greater than 206 kilometers per hour (128 mph).

Abroad, there are 19-inch wheels light alloy weight, the more strongly the front and rear bumpers cut, chunkier side sills, and rear spoiler lip. Riding on the line AMG sports suspension that sits 15 mm cut closer to the ground than the regular 2018 Mercedes V Class models, there are also larger discs and Mercedes branded brake calipers. Those sitting inside may notice air vents that surround now by a band of silver chrome.

There are also black headlining, faux carbon trim across the dashboard, and brushed aluminum pedals for driver. Options available to buyers AMG line includes a center console big console with cooler compartment and LED illuminated thermal cup holders, rear air conditioning seat, panoramic sunroof that’s what claimed to be “the largest in the this part, the medium-sized, “Agility control variable damping suspension, and the owners of the iPad to the back of the front seat.

2018 Mercedes V Class is estimated this exceptional vehicle costs about 60,000 euros (or about 68,000 dollars). No official news alerts after Mercedes on the date of release. In summary, it appears that in 2018 a new model of the line V him the entire package, and it will bring the company’s Vision. Mercedes is a company that take good care of their clients.

Overall, for the lucky ones can afford the price, and will be a driving experience like a dream. 2018 Mercedes V Class provides luxury, comfort, powerful engine, space, speed, everything that a man with a large family could ask for. If you are interested, stay alert. The release date will be online soon, and we’ll be the first to inform you. We are also keen to test the potential of this car and conduct an extensive review of our experience.

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