2018 Mercedes SLR Preview And News

Sunday, August 7th, 2016 - Mercedes

2018 Mercedes SLR. A new report out of Germany finds in again, out again, succeeding SLR Mercedes’s (picture) has given the green light for the production of one-time and will all. The model yet, unnamed will interpret the air and striking than the current Mercedes design language. It will be significantly greater than 911 AMG GT, but it will be built largely from lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the weight in check.

While use SLR front V8 engine mid-mounted, German magazine speculates will be provided her successor by the hybrid propulsion system that run on gasoline and electricity consists of the Super V8 rear-mounted in the middle and two electric motors mounted on the front axle grinder. The three sources of energy to send more than 1000 horsepower to all four wheels via the automatic transmission. Instead, the car will be able to travel on electricity alone for short distances.

And 2018 Mercedes SLR is not one of the masterpieces of AMG. Was combined with the Super Sport experts designed by McLaren two-seater more eye-catching than driving machine. By contrast, the new version of the SLS gull-wing on the road and track personal much better. With the current GT-S to 2018 Mercedes SLR has now established himself on the spot in the group and at an affordable price, this does not mean that the dream of superior sports car has faded. On reverse: after exercise finger like C112, CLK GTR and various black types of game time may come soon series real high to the prospectus.

But how can a sports knitted lightweight? Pragmatists say to enhance the sports car group (MSA), and the next SLC, the SL AMG GT also includes a new high-end model. Key data: , mid-front engine, all Super V6, front wheel drive on the electrified, system performance 650 PS, lightweight materials, the concept of a new door, dynamism, – the rear axle, 3000 pieces per year, about 250,000 to € 300,000

This sounds good, but could be topping. For example, by hypercar 2018 Mercedes SLR that will compete in the same niche as laferrari and McLaren P1. Approach, the mid-engine, all Super V8, ground-effect design, composite construction with a strong high carbon content, four-wheel drive, two 125 kW motors on the front electronic performance system around 1050 PS, rear axle from 500 to 750 pieces limited small series, price € 1,000,000.

In both cases, that would make the Coupe initially, followed by the car, the black series and GT3 versions. Front engine concept fits better in several construction and engineering, and the middle of the alternative engine above the replacement Silberpfeil more fantastic than before.

If the rumors turned out to be true, and the first super gas and electricity 2018 Mercedes SLR will go on sale in 2018 with a base price of more than 1 million €. It will be produced strictly limited to anywhere between 500 and 750 examples worldwide, and this means that the model – which is expected to fall as the coupe – will play in the same league as the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren sold P1, and Ferrari laferrari.

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