2018 mercedes slk 200 top speed reviews and update

2018 mercedes slk 200 top speed reviews and update

2018 Mercedes SLK200. Top marks in a Mercedes, Current SLK may seem difficult to win, but the company lifted the lid on a revised version. And has a few more tricks up its sleeve than the looks alone.

The price 2018 Mercedes SLK200 rose £1000 before, but with a punchier line-up engine and a lot of improvement in the economy, should fans cabrio find the latest model of hard resist. Its Formula One-inspired face It helps to give it a more edgy appeal, as the newcomer aims to meet the challenge of major competitors, including the BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster and head of the Audi TT Roadster on 2018 Mercedes SLK200, a special version of the bike with some very special paint.

No mechanically from existing production cars varies, Edition 10 is characterized by 10 spoke, and finished 17-inch wheels in chrome and shade, dark shaded background lights. Most of the 10S final edition comes in black so it looks sinister, although silver is an option. But the 350 cars will be coated in allanite gray Magno – a strange-matt metallic gray.

It seems very strange – like that after leaving the base coat paint application but without the glossy varnish – and comes with strict instructions not to put the car through a car wash or mechanical thinning. It can be done either making sparkling paint, and sabotage the whole effect.

Larger wing mirrors, too, and now comes with LED indicator repeaters. New 2018 Mercedes SLK200 colors, including silver own green pigments, are also available. Inside, the cockpit is a warm and well constructed. Remain cluttered center console, but there are smart dials with brushed aluminum highlights and red needles.

It includes a steering wheel to a three-spoke multifunction controls as standard. When roof is in place, and the cabin light and airy, and excellent vision. With top to bottom, front and optional transparent glass can be installed between the headrests to enhance rear vision. Dropping three pieces of metal top takes a fairly long 22 seconds, although the process can not be performed while the vehicle is traveling at speeds of up to 5 mph.

Once down, the occupants are well isolated from rocking. However, Mercedes is still not solved the problem of what to do with senior Mahfouz. Plates are folded in a box store, which reduces the space of a useful 300 liters to 208 litres. As less practical with its predecessor, in the list of options on the 2018 Mercedes SLK200 vast. Voice commands now possible via Linguatronic the company’s system, you can also choose to Harman / Kardon stereo surround sound.

To keep warm on the neck and shoulders, there are the Mercedes Airscarf system ”, which blows warm air from the headrests. And easier to maneuver the 2018 Mercedes SLK200 with the help of the new direct steering feature, which has been fitted to the model we drove. The evolution of speed system to help the company, is likely to set you back an additional amount of £220, this wonderful tool takes account not only the speed of the 2018 Mercedes SLK200, but also the steering angle.

In the city, it makes parking and a quick U-turn from a surprisingly easy. But on the highway, and wheel weights up, which makes for more relaxed long-distance driving.

If you want six-cylinder smoothness but it’s not very obsessed about the pace of a frank, there 228 bhp 280 (62 mph in 6.3 sec) or if you’re not bothered about pace at all, you can choose the version 2018 Mercedes SLK200 entry-level edition 10 and this liter 1.8 Super Four is not a sportsman after all, it sounds about as exciting as the evening before the tumble drier.

In fact, the boom when overtaking, which seems to have been added to inject a bit of excitement can be a real pain. But in other respects, this 2018 Mercedes SLK200 engine is a gem. It’s got only 161 bhp, but spreads 177 lb-ft of torque rotation right across the medium term where you need them.

So while the 8. 0 sec 0-62 mph time is something to get excited about, and mid-range grunt in the real world makes it really relaxing to drive, probably also contributed to the economy. Over Excellent 1,000 miles of mixed driving and never recorded less than 30 mpg, and get closer 40 mpg on a long highway.

It is the kind of character that determines the way you feel the chassis, too. It’s fun enough when you want to be accurate, the weird, and control always, but not overly so dynamic that it becomes ever a pain to live with. Steering is less communicative than the Boxster, but less so boring. And any sports car more comfortable.

We are big fans of the SLK, and although we’d be paranoid about the destruction of those special paint, and the rest of the group, which comes with a £29,725 2018 Mercedes SLK200 Edition 10 worth bonus in £1200 more than SLK200 securities that come without leather on small wheels as standard. Given the choice, even though we save up for the additional Porsche Boxster.

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