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Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 - Mercedes
2018 mercedes s550 price concept and preview

2018 Mercedes S550. German has done its fair share of the work when it comes to supplying the world with good quality cars for several decades. Cabriolet S-class has been invented to move along with the sedan, which will be discussed in more detail in the 2018 Mercedes S550 see the following in this first look at the upcoming features, specifications, price and release date.

Designers worked from the 2018 Mercedes S550 to make sure they provide a lot of weight as possible. So it is expected to be lighter than the other species in the same category. With this, it will have a higher speed and always acceleration. Mercedes given itself the reputation of an attempt to bring out the point.

This can be traced back to the days when the company Daimler accused of going cheap in vital commercial areas. It is due to the charge that the company decided to re-instill-Benz unique concept in 2018 on a variety of cars and SUVs, including the 2018 Mercedes S550. Obviously, and the company is not satisfied enough to stop at the Coupe S. seamlessly saw a lot of improvements.

The car is equipped with a new aluminum longitudinal bars, and throws in the dying around the nucleus of the sand. As for the rare earth part, it has also been added aluminum material. It consists bulkhead at the rear consists of aluminum and magnesium materials. The end result is something that weighs as light as coupe’s.

According’s fixed roof of the Mercedes, and the volume levels will be low with a roof raised. It has also included other features such as Airscarf neck warmer climate system that does not need to control a trifle. In order to ensure the maintenance of the temperature at the desired levels, regardless of whether the roof is open or put not.

The roll bars emanating from the 2018 Mercedes S550 by a gunshot to the charge instead of a common spring bar. In order to ensure greater safety in the ugly possibility that collided with the car.

But what is a good choice it is. Suitable for her plate, and S Class convertible is the largest and most luxurious among Mercedes ‘lineup’ 12 deep across five model coupe convertible lines. S63 and S65 AMG variants are on offer, each with more than 500 horsepower, but cabriolet standard 2018 Mercedes S550 test here, with a 449 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 and rear-wheel drive, is the best expression of the spirit of the S-class.

Lack of sporting pretensions is clear, even when equipped, as was our test car, with a sport package with $5,900 AMG wheels and body kit. Instead, S cabriolet flowing lines, proportions larger than life, and stylish presence evokes images of a luxury yacht. Even if the preference cabriolet class S is the lack of crowds, it’s certainly capable of doing so.

And, twin-engine turbo 4.7-liter engines sounding sweet strongly and 2018 Mercedes S550 from a standstill to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds fast, with a quarter of a mile breezing by in 13.0 seconds at 110 mph. This is faster than the rear engine S550 sedan (4.9 seconds) and all-wheel-S550 coupe-drive (4.5 seconds) and we test, we attribute largely to the new nine-speed automatic that all S550 variants adopted for 2018.

Transitions smooth sublimely, the Although, as in other Mercedes models, we’re not huge fans of how the transmission always starts in second gear in a virtual efficiency. Choose the sport setting makes the least slow to take off, but this setting disables the engine stop / start function and avoids the eighth and ninth gears, even at high speeds.

It would be appreciated transport more middle of the road program. skidpad grip threshold of 0. 88 grams and the braking distance of 70 miles an hour to zero from 164 feet and impressive for such a heavy car, but remember, this game is not the 2018 Mercedes S550 performance.

This is reinforced by the brake pedal, and who has worked for soft, light, and directing this perfect numbness wafting around town. Not beach to put too fine a point on it, but there boat like to experience the elements of leadership as well. Weighing 4786 pounds, Diving cabriolet class S, playgrounds and rolls a fair amount with the rest suspended in the default mode.

In this context, the ride is almost too spread out the air moving, and body movements seem at odds with the more assertive effects delivered through a large, 20-inch wheels and tires, lights. Somewhat paradoxically, we actually felt more comfortable cruising with a suspension in sport mode, which emphasizes up body movements without riding objection at all.

S Class is not among the harshest convertibles exist blame this was such a huge ceiling with some flex the body and a few vibrations inappropriate cropping up on roads and rougher, but it’s not a kind of bourgeois Buick Cascada. But it’s still better to keep quiet pace and stick to ensure the smooth side streets.

Dealers are free to use these incentives as they wish, so we suggest shopping around for the best discount. Mercedes ended April campaign 2018 Mercedes S550’s low in March 2017, and it still shows no sign of restart at any time soon. Mercedes-Benz tampered with some of the lease payments on the S550 in November, and they carry unchanged in January.

Deal base stays for 36 months on the 2018 Mercedes S550 sedan in the $1,049 a month with $6,843 up front. And S550 coupe requires a $8,993 signing and monthly payments of $1,699. The 2018 models start at $1,249 per month with $7,043 due at signing the S550 Sedan. All leases and 2018 Mercedes S550 to allow up to 10,000 miles per year of without additional charge. These deals may not be as great rental values, but this is the standard for this sector.

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