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Thursday, July 21st, 2016 - Mercedes

2018 Mercedes S400. Mercedes are among the largest companies in the automotive industry, and it was a game changer Directions car on many occasions. The company has always sought to be ahead of the competition, this is the S400 hybrid models again in 2009. It caused quite a revolution extent in hybrid vehicles, and since then the company has not looked back and there are two models in place. 2018 Mercedes S400 will be aimed at the third model in the new series.

This model in solving some of the problems associated with the 2013 model although expected to be done because it is not so much the redesign. And it will improve the climate comfort, drive system and improve performance accompanied by the economy in better fuel consumption. This is a full hybrid sedan, not a hybrid Plugin, which makes single-engine would any driver kills just like the previous models.

No announcement of price 2018 Mercedes S400 Hybrid, but is not expected to be much higher than the previous model (about $ 93,000). Also it did not specify the release date but is expected to Mercedes and to keep the surprise until we are already long ago in 2017. There is reliable information on the design and performance though.

Hybrid uses the 2018 Mercedes S400’s 3. 5-liter V6 paired with a small electric motor that combines to deliver 295 horsepower and 284 foot-pounds of torque, which is relatively small gains during the normal version of the company. Because it is a hybrid, “moderate”, Mercedes does not pay on battery power alone – it’s simply there to add some extra grunt, allowing the process of intermittent, renewal of power through braking and run accessories. However electrically driven, unlike other hybrids that stash large plates of heavy batteries in somewhere in the body, the Mercedes jumped in advanced battery technology headfirst from being the first automaker to “true” to the adoption of lithium-ion batteries.

(The Tesla Roadster electric use them, but the sum of the amounts produced to worth less than one day of production S. Class) use a lithium-ion allows the company to stash the 2018 Mercedes S400 hybrid battery in the same place under the hood, which means there is no packaging restrictions packaging fool cover seats. Otherwise background or uncomfortable, mixed rest of automated and shares with the rest of the range S-Class revised, which means power goes to the rear wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission companies. 4MATIC all-wheel drive is not option.

Mercedes company claims that the hybrid is 26 percent more efficient than the S550 (19/26 mpg versus 14/21 mpg), but the Benz-powered V8 and faster, besting 2018 Mercedes S400 by nearly two seconds race 0-60 mph (5. 4 seconds. vs. 7. 2 seconds). Besides, in Europe sells for Mercedes S350 with 268 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 7. 3 seconds. Now we do not have any numbers miles a gallon in the United States, but with the introduction of the figures the European test cycle, the S350 gets 22/37 mpg, compared to the European hybrid S400 24/32 mpg rating. In other words, it was not much of a difference.

Mercedes ‘dip toe in the pool closed mixed in some packaging impressive come, though. Mild updates to all 2010 S-Class hybrid also migrate, which means tweaked the front end, and now with LED driving lights, and unique 18-inch wheels, and some minor changes in the cabin. In spite of its age, and the S-Class is still a buffer for the luxury sedan for those who want to be seen – and that includes include 400 highlights Hybrid. Interior new steering wheel, and a host of entertainment full of new technology. Coolest that the display be split view front, which can be two different shows for the driver and front passenger, riding shotgun than those allowed to watch a movie on a DVD player without distracting anyone behind the wheel.

The famous 14 way adjustable seats air bladder is the best in the business in the message, heating and cooling butts. Rear seat space is generous, but do not expect the same level of adjustment there than you can get with Russia and the mob favorite S600. Dynamically, hybrid 2018 Mercedes S400 is, couch Hin great, which is refreshing given that the new BMW 7-Series is trying hard to be a rocket road. Mercedes continues to do the thing light smell very well, do not miss this new version in this regard.

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