2018 Mercedes S Coupe Preview And News

Sunday, August 7th, 2016 - Mercedes

It was a 2018 Mercedes S Coupe in testing for some time, which is even more surprising considering how to show little change compared to the current generation. The fact that there are a limited number of aesthetic modifications is not surprising for a face lift, but the Mercedes test continued from this new limousine may mask some of the new features that can not be observed in pictures. 2018 Mercedes S Coupe face lift. And photos and videos of the S Coupe new is something we are in with a very active in different parts of the world car was lacking, it was our spy photographers on hand to capture the details in each new Bob mentions that the designers and engineers and added to the Mercedes excellent new domain.

Changes in the outside will be subtle, with the only difference that can spot at present being revised headlamps, bumpers and exhaust tips. To maintain the shape of the current units lights, but lights “eyebrow” daytime running adoption of a new design with three slices instead of one, and one of the main light clusters have been replaced by three stacked vertically. These shaped lamps bulbs stacked part of Mercedes’ next generation multi-beam LED technology front matrix, which allows you to leave high beams on a permanent basis.

Monitoring systems detect other road users and send commands to individually control lamps that can light up or darken parts of the road with a distribution controlled by the light beam accuracy so dazzled Not even one. The system can also detect and illuminate by passers-by time or animals near the side of the internal road. Some reveal some additional changes shots. Dual digital counters that make up the system and the main entertainment devices appear slightly larger displays.

It also seems like been modified display configuration screens and steering wheel multi-function steering and sporting a new design and well. We also hear that Mercedes workout control gesture that might make for the first time in updating 2018 Mercedes S Coupe system. BMW such a system has just begun in the 2016 7-Series’s. It is likely to include new trim options and perhaps a new design for the front seats and other changes in the cabin.

Too early to talk modified powertrain, but Mercedes is usually automatic updates about the halfway point of the life cycle of their products. We know automatic transmission 9-speed auto will be installed on the 2018 Mercedes S Coupe soon, perhaps before the update, and we can see what they offer the current engine tuned to deliver more power along with the improving economy. Another possibility is a high performance S63 swap the current 5. 5-liter V-8 mill a new 4. 0-liter Mercedes-AMG in favor.

But Mercedes limousine runs slowly from the new things that we can show, and that can only mean one thing: We are preparing to launch. Well, since time is running out before a little obvious, but in fact due to the new 2018 Mercedes S Coupe for release in early 2018, with the Geneva show in March look like a very likely candidate.

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