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Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 - Mercedes
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2018 Mercedes Maybach 6. Each classic car fans from around the world gather at Pebble Beach in California to contest a very special appeal. This celebration of the amazing old cars is the perfect place to view the first unique vision Mercedes Maybach 6, exciting luxury coupe class. Seats 2 + 2 is a tribute to the glorious age of coupes air and lugs this practice forward in the right coupe future.

The aware restores the traditional concepts of psychological style sharp way, and to comply with the planning ideology of the Mercedes-Benz of sensory purity. “We have a coupe glamorous, vision 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6, stands supreme in the high-end modern, and the weather is hot, as well as amazing,” Gordon Wagner, president of the pattern in the Daimler AG says.

“With the smart appeal, as well as decreased, look technoid, it embodies the approach is not flawless our style of purity and sensory We also discussed the performance of wind resistance. ” Vision 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6 performance with, like the sensuous her psychological (“hot”), as well as smart information (“cold”), and the vision of 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6 stands for the utmost in luxury.

Traditional aesthetic proportions of the car program and truck– hood exceptionally long, low roofing system line behind me and put the greenhouse remember coupe air of days gone by. But this is not a vintage design– This is the interpretation of the timeless concepts, visual.

Even in the heated atmosphere of Pebble Beach, this 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6 is very exciting. And “6” in the name refers to the length of the car’s population of about six meters. Members in the 224 inches, it’s some two feet longer than a coupe category S; it’s also nearly four inches less.

Dimensions are expensive, with ultra-hood caper, two plus two cabin seats set so far behind, and the outstanding background expanded. Mercedes says proportions “I remember coupes air of days gone by,” Indeed, the concept has the elegance of a classic era on this topic. This vibe is enhanced by the gull-wing doors, and backlight division, boattail rear part.

And include body color on the 24-inch (!) Wheels and transparent, with aluminum and visible spokesman said. Up front, chrome grill with 25 vanes and topped with three heads-star decoration and decorative cover, purely because the show this car to suit extravagantly is right for EV. That. Under the hood is a mile long trunk space (with fitted luggage, of course).

This is powered megacoupe four electric motors, one for each wheel, and fed by the battery pack 80 kWh living underground. It is said that EV powertrain to be “currently developing a series” and produces 738 horsepower, which is enough to assume zero to 62 mph in less than four seconds, the time and a top speed governed 155 mph.

Mercedes claims the car also offers a driving range of more than 200 miles. However, DC fast charging the hybrid charging system (CCS) standard, a five-minute jolt could add 62 miles of range, the car can also be re-wirelessly. The shipped within modern as the exterior is classic.

Although there are two types of analog gauges set atop the steering column, and they pale in digital display, which runs the full width of the police and even on the door panels screen. In addition, the windshield itself acts as a giant head-up display, and will be operated via the controls for the gesture.

Complementing the subject of cabbage, and bottoms seat extends up to the door panels and center console. Seats upholstered themselves in white leather, with button tufting supposed to refer to the Chesterfield sofa. Instead of carpet, floor is covered in open pore wood ash, which is still up on the lower panels doors, what distinguishes a Mercedes as a “yacht refined look. ” Metallic colors are rose gold. Drivers have plenty of opportunity to gaze at the surroundings, because the vision of 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6 also can operate independently.

Vision is created 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6 performance electric car. Thank you very much for the four magnet irreversible electric motors simultaneously compact, it includes four-wheel drive. As a result of the drive system of 550 kW (750 hp). Battery underfloor surface has the ability to use almost valid. 80 kWh.

She attributes this allows not only the normal efficiency of a sports car (the speed of 0-100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, top speed regulated digitally on a 250 km / h), but also a variety of more than 500 kilometers according to the cycle NEDC (more than 200 miles, according to the environmental Protection Agency) 2018 seeing a Mercedes Maybach 6 performance with remarkable measurements, see the 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6 (length / width / height: 5700/2100/1328 mm) is the very first luxury coupe in the collection of design visionary cars and trucks from Mercedes-Benz display.

And prepared a 2018 Mercedes Maybach 6 to make its debut at the Monterey car week, which will definitely happen in the Monterey Peninsula in the period between 16 as well as August 21 2017 and will be the last event on August 21 will certainly be debates Stone Cote d’elegance coast.

2018 mercedes maybach 6 vision reviews info

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