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Friday, August 5th, 2016 - Kia

2018 Kia Pride. For travelers who are looking for a very spacious room in the car, it has become a wonderful choice semi-compact Kia Pride. Over time, Kia Motors has become one of the best manufacturers of cars and became a presence commendable reputation in markets outside the Asian continent. In the United States expectations America has become increasingly high in 2018 with the launch of Kia Pride.

2018 Kia Pride has an amazing body, which certainly complete the sidewalk, without sacrificing performance. This model will benefit less than those of its rivals possibility of elegant and stylish car to get the amount of our customers in two forms, hatchback and sedan, available. In performance, style and storage 2018 Kia secondary version is similar, like his predecessor, but in. It was developed exterior of Kia’s new Pride on the principle of optimization maximum value.

This is exactly why, as the price of a little more to be able to compete. 2018, has been redesigned Kia Pride perfectly to offer but steady exhibition looks more upscale. Increased job security presence, but also fuel consumption very effectively, two of the improvements in the eye focus. 2018 Kia Pride dynamic two models, sedan and hatchback form. The latter has a design of four doors. These two forms is the update features, and navigation have a taste of the touch screen, satellite radio, multimedia high-definition system and hands free – among many other things.

Ergonomically designed seats and strong enough to withstand the ravages of time and tasks. 2018 Kia Pride integrate the innovative concept of security technology VSM, and automatically to the correct orientation, the use of tire pressure control electronically controls the stability also comes with air bags in its entirety. In the fact that this huge abundance of ingredients, to push it at the forefront of security like any other car. 2018 within the types Kia Pride will come probably in three models to the taste of EX- base “, ” Premium “and” SX “.

There are many optional features such as input Castle / USB forum, multimedia speaker system sound Infotainment system, camera vision background, buttons control the movement of the steering wheel. active IT environment, and LED lighting, central locking, electric windows, buttons and more.

2018 Kia Pride envisioned, the current power plant gives a great deal of changes, for example, the efficiency and performance tuning to maintain, but we have, unfortunately, there is not yet an official statement. The car is also working with a 1. 6-liter inline 4 engine performance of 123 shot by nearly 138 pounds – feet of torque. In addition, it is important to necessarily comment towards the promotion of a unique organization in comparison with the previous mark. 6-speed manual transmission is standard, but SX and EX receive the estimated six-speed auto transmission to provide.

It should be a 2018 Kia Pride release date in the third quarter 2018 to early 2018, depending on various global markets since the shipping dates may vary. Currently, there is no official announcement about the price. However, the next rumor indicates that once again the price to be very competitive for the 2018 Kia Pride with the rest of sub-compact cars. List prices below are for models SX, LS and EX coming:

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