2018 Honda Civic Preview And News

Thursday, March 9th, 2017 - Honda
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2018 Honda Civic. It’s next Civic Si Coupe, the traditional standard-bearer for the Japanese compact sports segment. This lightly disguised prototype spied during testing characterized exhaust graduated center and red stitching seat, some of them covered up gimcrackery athlete in the front end of the bottom, and a six-speed manual transmission.

They’re still fast films and / or angry industry, are not they? In all seriousness, we are happy to see the return of CNN. As far as we started to miss a performance engines naturally aspirated, and we are very curious to sample CNN in turbo form.

As we have said before, the 2018 Honda Civic comes with a new concept. Some important changes occur in their design, which will amaze people at first sight. One of the biggest updates come in her body. Now, the body is made from a combination of carbon and aluminum.

Will be a combination of the body reduces the total weight of the car. Lighter is nice because the car will have better acceleration, especially when you want to increase the straight path. The color options for this car, we still have no official information. However, based on the previous version, and Honda Civic have some colors in the body, such as black, white, gray and others.

In other hand, the rear car comes with sporting look. What made this particular new Honda Civic is the biggest barrier and hood, which make the car look more powerful than ever before. It has this 2018 Honda Civic also a new bumper on her forehead. The front bumper beautifully with the new shape design. However, the bumper is still using the old Honda logo in the middle.

Still talk about the rear car, and now manufacturing renew the design of the headlights. Headlights is now complete with LED technology and has a clearer shape. Taillight is happening in its back also with a new LED design and technology. The new interior of the 2018 Civil comes with a new and modern look. We are sure that the new design within the will of a nice car passengers on their trip.

Inside the Honda Civic car in 2018 Type R, there are two-row seats, and will cover up to four passengers at maximum capacity. The seats are great because they are included leather high-class. Customers need to know that the 2018 Honda Civic now complement each seat with armrest comfortable head strap new to improve safety in the long journey.

Then, the color quiet cabin and seat, and also increase the feeling of an excellent inside a large change on the car. The inside the occurrence of a car in the dashboard them. Now, it is finished dashboard with a 9-inch LCD touch screen with the best technology. The LCD display some of the wonderful 2018 Honda Civic features, such as HDMI, Bluetooth, and HD Radio connectivity, MP3 player and more.

With a touch screen LCD, and of course, the control will be much smoother. On the other hand, civil 2018 is also nice because it has a new navigation system with clearer details from everywhere. The new technology within the navigation give more accurate results. For security features, the new airbag system and better cars.

As we said in the previous paragraph 2018 Honda Civic and not only look great and elegant, but also a special engine. In order to create a modern car manufacturing and renew the technology inside the engine. There are also some versions of the engine, which can be selected. The base engine is a 1.0 L V3 engine with turbo technology.

This is basically the engine 2018 Honda Civic sports can be up to 127 horsepower at maximum. On the other hand, it also has a six-speed manual transmission and CVT cars to better control traffic. It will be nice, especially for people who wish to use the Honda Civic in the daily need. Then, and manufacturing specification also provides another drive, and drive 1.5 L V4. Depending on the size, this larger engine gives better performance.

And you will be able to be up to 180 horsepower at maximum power. Besides, it also has two options for the transfer, such as the base engine. 2018 Honda Civic with the second engine is capable of reaching 60 miles per hour in just six seconds, based on the driving test. We are sure that this is the second engine of a civilian in 2018 will give a more difficult journey for you and your family.

Competition: Ford Focus ST, Hyundai Elantra Sport, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf GTI Volkswagen Lucy new must start either late this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show or early next year in Detroit and will go on sale shortly after. As for the price? We feel safe, which refers to the new 2018 Honda Civic sports will start around $25,000.

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