hennessey venom gt spyder price of 2018 info update news

hennessey venom gt spyder price of 2018 info update news

2018 Hennessey Venom GT. The production has been officially concluded with the final edition rolling off the line. Glacier Blue Phenom GH has already been sold for $1.2 million. Fast forward to this year, it is hard to imagine that Hennessey Venom, one of the greatest supercars of the decade, is now ready to make the final call curtain.

No one would say that the Venom GT was a commercial success but where it lacked size, it was more than made by setting a world record after another, including the fastest car production in the world, at least depending on who you ask.

Whatever the differences surrounding the 2018 Venom GT, no one would deny that the supercar changed the scene irrevocably in the landscape in more than one way. Proved that the aftermarket tuner like Hennessey was more than able to start down the Bugatti and Konigseggs of the world without blinking.

It has been shown that a car that is based on a separate car can write its own history. Most importantly, the 2018 Venom GT is provided to be a car that will be remembered for a long time after Hennessey sends it to sunset. So here we are with Hennessey about to be sent out of poison with your very own final edition model. The company only plans to build one model, not a surprise one, already has an owner.

It seems fitting then that for the car that legacy has always been about to leave everything in its wake, the Venom Ultimate Edition has gone even before we know anything about it. There are different levels of “special” in the automotive industry and the Venom Final Edition belongs to the highest level Special. Not only is it limited, it’s actually a one-off. This means that from here until eternity, there will always be only one 2018 Hennessey Venom GT final edition.

This in itself is a reason to celebrate the development of the car. Beyond that there are a number of things about the final edition of Phenom G which justify the case of one piece. It’s the only G-Phenom sport of the “Glacier Blue” finish paint with white racing lines running from the tip of the nose and extending all the way to the rear spoiler. That’s about it. Yeah.

To mark the 25th anniversary, Hennessey chose the performance to let her Venom Spyder run an apartment outside at the Limor Marine Terminal in California. With a 7.0-liter Biturbo V8 connected to six-speed. During these seven years, the V8 V8 GT went from 1000 hp to 1451, produced by Venom Edison. Combining it with a weight curve just 2,734 pounds and you have a formula for car itching to gain some speed records.

In January 2013, Venom GT was awarded the Guinness World Record for the two-speed sports car from zero to 300 km / h (186. 4 mph) Which I completed in only 13.61 seconds. In February 2014, he claimed to be the world’s fastest two-seat sports car with a top speed of 270. 4 mph. Last year alone, it claimed to be the fastest open car in the world to 265.5 mph. Beat former record holder, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, by 11 miles per hour.

To get a better idea of ​​how capable Hennessey Venom is the final edition is, check out the table below to see how it piles up against two cars that also make their cases both faster and more productive than the mental car in today’s world. OR, and Venom GT has no Chiron Bugatti numbers, but Look at those numbers and read between those lines. Bugatti and Konigsig Established auto makers with a history of building Supercars and Hypercar’s own.

Hennessey, on the other hand, is widely known for being a tuner of all American-made things, be it Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Viper. Just the fact that Hennessey was able to build and develop the Venom with little help and received six years of running out of it is remarkable beyond belief.

It is the figures for a car that is capable of being Bugatti Chiron and Koenigseg one, and the costs of 2018 Hennessey Venom GT final edition about the same peers. The Venom finale is the only and only one that Eddie is already talking about, but the person who ended up buying the car had to pay $1.2 million for the honor of the shekel and the privilege of owning the one-time model.

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