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Friday, January 13th, 2017 - Ford
2018 ford transit mpg reviews update

2018 Ford Transit is a continuation of the second-generation market, which began in 2012.It is a commercial vehicle produced by the van and wagon options with a short version with a long wheelbase.

It considered that this car is facing much more capable than the aesthetic and the calls can not be a major adjustment of the design. It is expected that the choice given that the redesign of 2012 made it the largest of the wonderful and gave the modern type quite affordable with the Chevy Express City, April NV200, as well as some in this segment.

Under hood will definitely be the same two engines with similar results. Same automatic transmission with six power pressure rate to the front wheels. Given that the model agreement include indoor cloth with leather optional. Only titanium trim have a leather as standard. New 2018 Ford Transit Connect van starts from $22,675 for the base trim, while continuing wagon starts $24,825.

The new will in 2018 Ford Transit 150 XLT to be a much more modern look and sleeker than the current predecessor, in the eyes of the decline on the front of the car immediately, which now looks very trendy, while the biggest changes in design and treats hidden behind the door, in the areas the interior of the car.

The cabin can accommodate up to 11 adults, it contains a large amount of leg room and headroom, and in addition to that there are still places in the cargo area of ​​more than ten large bags. The drivers and passengers are large glass surfaces and put to sit high, it may cause great fun true leadership.

Large windows and a great ability to maneuver allows the driver model 2018 Ford Transit 150 XLT car to easily operate in narrow streets or to maneuver the car in the parking lot. The 2018 Ford Transit wheelbase is higher than the current model, so that passengers will be able to enjoy greater comfort while driving.

The aim of this car for people who work in the passenger transport services, as well as those who have families with more members. And all future owners of the vehicles will be able to fully meet the transport needs of convenient at a time of passengers and luggage.

The front passenger safety side airbags care, ABS, Cruise Control system, comfortable journey, there is information and entertainment MyFord, which are operated by touch-screen 6.5-inch size of the system, excellent air-conditioning and heating compounds, USB ports, an audio system with a large number of speakers, satellite navigation and so on.

System selection engine depends on the degree trim. To stimulate blood circulation to the US market will be both the primary engines. The first engine is a 1.6-liter inline four car shows with a 178 horsepower engine at 5700 rpm and 184 pound-feet of torque at 2500 rpm.

Direct gas engine mated to infused automatic transmission with six speeds, and also is served for both van and also XLT trim designs cart. The use of gas is approaching 22 mpg in the city, as well as 29 mpg in the rapid or 25 mpg in average road drive. Take advantage of the tow package towing capacity is up to 2,000 pounds.

The second engine under the 2018 Ford Transit connect the hood is a 2.5-liter Duratec inline four with a sequential multi-energy injection digital ports and the same automatic transmission with six speeds. In addition, the 2018 Ford Transit gasoline engine is offered for each clean version delivers 169 horses at 6,000 rpm, as well as 171 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm.

The estimated gas consumption for XL and XLT as well as the 20 mpg in the city, as well as 28 mpg in highway drive. XLT’s, was rated XL Titanium vehicle consumption in the 19 mpg in the city and also 27 mpg in highway drive. The tests are used for each of Ford’s 93-octane energy engines.

American market already sells about five elegant design that most of us see in the model for the current year. In fact, the new version offers 2018 Ford Transit connection from the last quarter of 2017 with rates probably remain the same. If there was any discrimination, and it will certainly be higher minimum.

Current for the US market:. Ford price XL Transit Connect van starts from $22,675.Contact XLT Ford Transit van starts from $24,200. Ford Transit connect XLT wagon starts $24,825. Ford Transit connect XL wagon starts from $26,935. 2018 Ford Transit Connect wagon titanium start with $29,300.

2018 ford transit 150 reviews update

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