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Monday, January 16th, 2017 - Ford
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2018 Ford Torino. Turin is one of those cars that no one likes at first but then people began to love over the years. Only it was made between 1968 and 1976, and it is one of the best-known vehicles made by Ford.

Although most people know that, thanks to its coupe versions, also made the car in the station wagon and a car body style. As is the case with some other manufacturers out there, Ford seems to be thinking to revive the name of 2018 Ford Torino with the next model. They no longer have a large family sedan car on the market, and it has not really been the executive car, whether in this particular sector.

2018 Ford Torino GT designed eldest son of his uncle, the body Mustang GT. The adopted follows the curvature of the clear, which gives the car a distinctive appearance does not have any bumpers. As car-oriented performance, and the front part of the body is relatively lower than the back.

The 2018 Ford Torino has aerodynamic and elegant finish and is 5 inches longer than the previous version. It consists of 70% of the body is made of aluminum, which gives the car a light weight, and also raise the level of performance.

It is known that the size of the wheel to be about 20-inch alloy will be the headlights featuring two separate and have the latest LED technology headlamps, giving the driver a better view and according to the latest trends in the production headlights.

Inside car there LCD screen 8-inch situated on dashboard. The LCD can used to control various car functions. The steering wheel and the bottom a little lift to ensure a better deal. There are current and adequate leg room for both passengers leather seats as well as the driver.

The car also features a standard USB connectivity and entertainment purposes, and optional Bluetooth GPS. For, and the car has a powerful amplifiers with maximum output. Regarding safety, there airbags designed for all passengers, as well as the airbag is present in the leg room of the driver for extra safety.

Thanks to the fact that this will more than likely to be rear-wheel drive car, can 2018 Ford Torino offer similar engines to those found in the Mustang. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost with up to 300 horsepower can standard. Further up-term, or even the 2.7-liter V6 3 with between 350 and 400 horsepower is also a real possibility.

There is also a high potential for a high-performance version. This can be used for a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 with up to 500-600 horsepower. This allow Ford to deal with cars like the Audi RS6 or M5 without having to worry for being under-powered. Rumors also suggest that the only transport of choice can be a 10-speed automatic transmission and a smooth ride that most people will provide they are looking for in this category.

This may be just right. Not all that long ago rumors began about the 2018 Ford Torino are surfacing all over the Internet. Most of these proposed large sedan that will be sold by the executive car. This has been selling better and better with each passing year, it seems that this trend will not stop.

Even despite the fact that more than likely that the next 2018 Ford Torino progress in two and four-door versions, and we do not expect the 2018 Ford Torino to sell much better than the coupe. This has been true for rivals such as E-Class and Series 5.there is still no official information on the car, and the release date or price target.

However, it seems that it may start in more than $40,000 and can go to as much as $80,000. It is expected to see some time at the end of 2018 while the model is likely that the production does not come for a few years after the concept.

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