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Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 - Ford
2018 ford rs200 rally car for sale reviews

2018 Ford RS200. For years, many people were puzzled when I opened the Guinness Book of Records, and discovered that the fastest accelerating car in the world was none other than Ford – small and strange, almost goofy looking one, which seemed like nothing is on the US territory.

This is because the Ford RS200 was a special homogeneity produced by Ford of Great Britain. It is specifically designed to be the first competitor SUVs Ford extremist group race category B rally, but it was the minimum number of examples of testimony the way for a meeting homogeneity requirements.

Since best in the business got to help Ford, including the head engineer John Wheeler and Tony Southgate, Ford RS200 represents the evolution of the absolute summit of the development of modern races. What do these boys was taking a bit of the old RS1700T breed of racing cars, mount a modified version of the Ford / Cosworth in the center of the chassis of lightweight aluminum, clothed with white gel body coat slight designed by Ghia drive, and then apply the four-engine themes that made Audi successfully in this series.

The Ford RS200 unlike any car produced on the basis of the competition, which included the T16 Peugeot 205, Lancia Delta S4 and Audi Quattro S1 among other things, and yet, it was somewhat more to the requirements of it. Per FIA cooler, Ford was to build 200 cars on the roads for homologate and Ford RS200 to compete the second set.

When we traveled to Ford RS200 race spec again in 1986, Ford said to us that they intend to build more than 200 Ford RS200s roadgoing, although never happened. Being mid designed to gather a small engine car, and Ford RS200 feels somewhat like a spiritual successor to Lancia’s Stratos. It has been designed by Filippo Sano in Ghia and built the chassis of glass fiber through the Reliant.

Yes, this Reliant. Mechanically, although it’s wildly different from Stratos. Tony Southgate-F1 designer who went in later to put the winner of the Man and the Jaguar XJR-9 design a tubular space frame chassis Ford RS200, which uses dual shocks at each corner. If you think that the GT-R is strange, though, Ford RS200 like to have a word with you. Basically, the driving force is like a GT-R, but completely backwards. In the mid-engine, gearbox in the front, and the center differential distributing torque to all four wheels. crazy.

While provided more than 200 Ford RS200s standard, produces only 24 models evolved to stay ahead of the competition in. These included BTD-E engine 2.1-liter Turbo equipped with a special effect to the massive 420 horsepower. Each can be easily identified by the air scoop a much larger that includes a chilled air / air pressure significantly.

Depending on the batch, the engine can produce a wide range of power, and in the maximum boost (1.6 bar, 23 psi) exhibited a remarkable 580 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. When you combine bodywork extremely light weight, low polar moment of inertia and huge amount of turbo lag, and was handing over power to an end, in particular to manage.

However, output was the monster SUV “car engine fastest accelerating in the world and also driven by Stig Blomqvist, achieved Ford RS200 Evo 0-62 mph (100 kph) Guinness world record time of 3.07 seconds, which is the number that stood for twelve years!

Martin Schanche pay the # 11 Ford RS200 E2 Motaquip Rallycross during the British Grand Prix on 3RD December 1988 on the Brands Hatch Circuit in Fawkham, not Britain. The majority of cars on the roads do not find a lot of love either, but the estimate years after production ends.

Most of the novels, and the road was too rough to the daily drive was sub-par at best, despite the fact that it was a fairly be expected that the construction quality of the cars built just to fill the fact homogeneity requirement. The that Ford RS200 was more expensive than did Ferrari 328 It does not help his case much. To buy this new car, you had to be deep pockets and understand what made him special.

The purchase of cars on the road the last in 1994, according to RM Sotheby’s, this means that sat for eight years after it was said built. That, Ford RS200 and easily one of the most popular cars in the second age group. Wild mix of design and even wilder engineering tick all the appropriate boxes for automotive enthusiasts. “The arrival of late, but the record of ever third place in Sweden Rally in ’86 and it was actually a little too heavy to compete with the French and Italian teams,” said Chris Harris.

“But for many people, myself included, it’s still kind of sets of Group B, which is a form of motor sport that captured the imagination of a deep, that companies such as Ford have to drop millions car that tangible Cross did not provide marketing in the production car development. ”

While it was amazing to see what was the second group did not end in tragedy, it is still easy to love as he is in Ford RS200. It’s one of the craziest cars to wear the Ford badge and it still captures the imagination of car enthusiasts after 30 years ended in the second set.

2018 ford rs200 rally car for sale reviews

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