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Saturday, January 7th, 2017 - Ford
2018 ford ranger parts reviews

2018 Ford Ranger is one of the newest and most vehicles are expected to currently being talked about the market. According to the latest news that the model is preparing to issue in 2018 as Ford has already made some announcements about this car.

The car is getting rework, and should be renewed for this year in terms of speculation about this happening began confirmed previous Wu has been considered as a goalkeeper is always the lead in its segment of them, and brought us always exceptional and useful treatment.

This was once the ticket gold Ford was the car that made everything possible so no wonder people have got this excited too much about the possibility that makes the market. The recent pictures that have been leaked gave us a slitter of hope that the car placed even closer to launch.

This was followed later by some reliable information and the official that was released directly from Ford as it confirmed that the vehicle is traveling in production now and make all the preparations for release. As her next people are excited to hear this car is already making them in the market and we also hope to seek model at work. It has been providing sleeker and more contemporary option for us now, and we can not wait to see it. Read the rest of the review to learn more.

The latest news in relation to the outside of the 2018 Ford Ranger is that the car is going to use the Ford Atlas platform as the basis for re-OTS 2018 Ford Ranger design. This will be the first step in rebuilding and modernizing cars. What this helps to do is to make the car a more aggressive looking as the Atlas adds a dose of masculinity, the higher in fact masculinity, being the keeper for adoption.

This also means that the outside of the car will be dominated by a combination of stainless steel and high aluminum structures, making them lighter. And they were able to reduce the weight they are also planning to provide the car and make it longer. Dimensions are not going to significantly affect the ability to deal with the 2018 Ford Ranger and there is a good offer for the front side on the car.

The car is fitted with the design of the new front grille and bumper are also completely new, which adds to the aggressive tone is getting. Headlights and tail lights are much clearer look also adds LED features as well. The bed has a large field of shipping and allows for 1000 pounds of cargo to be placed.

They are also planning to make universal design inside the car. The initial plan for the interior of the 2018 Ford Ranger is more luxurious and spacious to make and enhance the comfort levels of the car. More leg room and headroom is more than a good idea to Ranger the past as a model did not have much of it.

High quality materials are going to be installed on seats with screens mounted on the back side of the headrests for passengers in the back. The interior is also to update the information properties make it more fun for the leadership of the form in the course, there are some additions will be very helpful carried out on the interior of the car as well, such as a cordless phone charging capability, satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and features for traffic control but also something that will make possible the atmosphere inside the car, such as the climate control system and air-conditioning system as well.

Three engine will be available for re-Ford Ranger design options. The first option is a powerful five-cylinder TDCi engine with 3.2 liters and 197 horsepower. Maximum torque of this engine is 470 Nm. Through the application of new technologies in the recycling of exhaust gases, reducing fuel consumption by 18 percent.

Fuel consumption is expected for this engine is 21 mpg for city driving and 30 mpg on the highway. Another option is a new diesel Duratorq TDCi 2.2-liter with 158 hp and 385 Newton meters of engine torque. Which is also increasing the efficiency of fuel consumption by 22 percent. The third is the 2.5-liter Duratec petrol engine with direct injection.

This power train produces 163 horsepower and gives 225 Nm of torque. All engines will be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. There are rumors of a hybrid version of the new 2018 Ford Ranger with a turbo 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine with direct injection. And that the engine is coupled with electric motors and starters which will give the 2018 Ford Ranger excellent fuel consumption, environmental characteristics and variables high performance. All of 2018 Ford Ranger will be available with technology start / stop. 2018 Ford Ranger will be four-wheel, but you will have the option of 4 × 2 drive.

Estimated price (MSRP) of this distinctive truck depending on the market in terms of sales, which is somewhere around $20,000 for basic version with a gasoline engine, rising to $50,000 for a copy XL plus with diesel more powerful engine and the most highest price trim level.

On the Australian market, where it is already in showrooms, model XLT 2WD is $46,690, while the 4WD bit expensive and costs $52,390. Price 2018 Ford Ranger Wildtrak version with manual transmission is $52,390, while the automatic transmission need to add $5,500 (prices in Australian dollars). The biggest competition for the new 2018 Ford Ranger is the 2018 Toyota Tacoma or perhaps a 2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz.

2018 ford ranger parts reviews

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