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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 - Ford
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2018 Ford Edge. The current model and one edge of the Ford cars more current to be released only a few years back. While some of the qualities to model age remained on the edge of the new look much edgier and more aggressive than before, which is good because it is a customized car for the younger generation, who lives in the city.

However, it seems that Ford wants to expand its customer base to a new model of the car has been issued with the 2018 Ford Edge. This should include adding a few cut new levels which are likely to persuade the elderly and on top of that, you can also add a new drive to range. Its Platform It will remain mostly unchanged, but the running gear may see some updates in order to make the edge a little bit more consistent on the road, and a little more comfortable.

The current model is too big, but a little too harsh, and it may be very difficult to be driving too fast off-road. In order to resolve it, the new car is likely to go to receive the shock a little bit better and a set of springs softer. Most of the rest of the operating equipment should remain mostly unchanged with the addition of the braking system and likely will be updated versions of the upper limb.

The exterior design of the new 2018 Ford Edge series borrowed from the Ford Edge concept, shown in the autumn of 2013 in the auto show in Los Angeles. Frankly, the serial transmission version looks better than concept. Rear part of the crossover seems neat, taut and athletic, as if we are facing the rear of the body hatchback.

Powerful hot wheels that can take stress-free even larger wheels with 245/50 tires brackets R20 or 265/40 R22, the edges of the open and expressive, and described the top and bottom of the door sill with side windows built-high, flat roof line with the rear rack solid long roof and interior spoiler. The five-seat crossover 2018 Ford Edge is in full conformity with the outside the car. The same edgy, energetic and elegant. Integrated multi-wheel drive jobs are hot and informative multi-panel functional tool with color graphic display of modern architecture fees from the front panel and center console, equipped with 8-inch touch screen SYNC multimedia system.

And greater the stipulated record audio from Sony and the heating and ventilation system controls the front seats. Seats for the driver and front passenger deserve special praise – dense packing, easy configuration, support laterally unobtrusive, comfortable fit. Due to the size of the wheels 112.2 base in the intelligent design of internal space in the cabin of the second generation of the 2018 Ford Edge intersection was the largest for the driver and passenger and space luggage.

Compared to internal advances in the new generation of America him Kroes also more leg room in the front row, in the second row above the heads of the passengers. And increased trunk dimensions in the unified position of the rear seat by cubic feet to 38.8 cubic feet, while with the rear seats folded has 73.3 cubic impressive ft. 188 inches long, 75.9 (including external rear view mirrors – 85.7 in) in width, 68.5 inches in length, with a 112.2 in wheelbase, front track – 65.8, rear track – 65.6 inches, the minimum ground clearance – 7.8″.

The second generation will be sold Ford age in four fixed trim, starting from the base SE and SEL and, and ending with the most packed sports, Titanium. What type of modern technologies can be consistent with the new Ford Edge? are provided the opportunity to receive standard and optional equipment: Grille active blinds – shutters radiator active, to close at feasibility, thereby improving the dynamic characteristics of air from the body. system adaptive Cruise with the function of a warning of the danger of a collision.

Auto Start-stop engine system. blind spot Information system – monitors objects in the blind spot. rear-view front camera with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. active park assist – Parking Assistant. front sensors parking background. Hands-free liftgate – open the back door without using their hands – just flick the foot under the rear bumper. Hot edge of the leadership front seats with heating, ventilation and rear seats are heated wheel. Remember Lin system – a system which helps to keep the car in the driveway. SYNC with MyFord Touch – multimedia system. Inflatable safety belts. Panoramic roof.

While in Europe the 2018 Ford Edge can be had with diesel fuel, and this option is, unfortunately, are not available for the US market which is a shame because there are people who want to diesel. He informed source that the 2-liter turbo diesel from the European version may come on the American model in late 2018, but this has not been confirmed by Ford at the moment. We also heard that the aspirated 3.5-liter naturally may get rid V6 gasoline engine entirely and replace it with a smaller 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline four with nearly 280 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

This new 2018 Ford Edge would first American model of only equipped with diesel engines ranging from 245 horsepower 2-liter inline four and ending with the EcoBoost 2.7-liter V6 with 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. All of these get automatic gearbox of some kind, but only in the smallest units of 2-liter is also going to be available with a six-speed manual gearbox.

New Ford Edge is ready for mass production and already in January 2017, and will begin to be produced at Ford’s plant in Oakville Canadian city. It is scheduled for home sales in 2018 Ford Edge for the month of February next year in the official pricing for the North American market. The Am 2018 Ford Edge model will start at about $30,000 for the entry-level trim. The highest trim adjusted cost around $47,000.

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