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Thursday, December 8th, 2016 - Ford
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2018 Ford Cougar. The wheel-drive Cougar front building on the foundations of the excellent Mondeo, which ensures it is good to drive and compared with many of the statements, has a reasonably generous amount of space.

It’s a great value on the used car market, even if its appearance is not impressive as they once were, but we will have to point out that the Mondeo V6 has the same chassis and engine, and more practical application and, it is cheaper than buying. Was designed in Europe and built in America, Ford Cougar coupe based on the Mondeo-presents another example of the “New Edge” design theme Ford.

While the new design has not decreased the edge very well with the Falcon sedan buyers, it could be argued that one of the best Cougar and features. 2018 Ford Cougar looks distinctive and modern, and commands attention, something that many buyers in this sector enjoy. Unfortunately, the cougar has not been backed up look that catches the eye with the leadership of an unforgettable experience.

Performance provided by the V6 2.5-liter engine is good, but nothing special, and the dynamics of the structure in the same category. It’s also hard to get passionate about driving the car that you can not get comfortable, and many of the other drivers beside myself uncomfortable seats rated as failing to provide proper lateral support. The pedals manual version of the settlement to the left and set close to each other, and without armrest left foot is also useful, the driving position is far from ideal.

Equipment levels are very good in the 2018 Ford Cougar, with dual front air bags, side airbags front, traction control, and antilock brakes, semi-automatic climate control air-conditioning, alarm system, alloy wheels, central locking remote, and Power Windows, PC trip and stereo system with CD Changer not pile each level.

And he gave the car radio test poor reception in the AM band and volume control has a coarse adjustment steps that make it difficult to get the perfect size setting sometimes. Accommodation at Cougar is largely a “2 + 2” status. Front occupants have a satisfactory leg and head room, but the rear compartment offers a very limited space for two years. The rear seat cushions have exaggerated the decline in the center, which make them very uncomfortable.

Until then, the rear door carries a warning about the possibility of hitting the rear passenger on the head when closed sticker! The baggage will not be a problem in the Cougar as a long and deep cargo, in addition to the rear seat folds in a 50/50 split for those longer items. However, the flange high load to some extent.

2.5-liter V6 engine quad cam 2018 Ford Cougar is not a high-performance unit in terms of maximum power output or full acceleration, but in manual form at least, it goes well enough to meet the expectations for this type of vehicle. Cougar guide pulls well in the higher gears and respond reasonably well to enter the throttle when requested additional acceleration.

It showed some additional leadership in the automatic version to be more leisurely performer, though, that the combination of engine and transmission were pleasantly quiet. Address another aspect where the 2018 Ford Cougar is a very competent, but not very sports.

A combination of good quality and traction control frames ensures plenty of grip in all conditions, but Cougar is anywhere near accurate in the sense of the way he says, guiding Honda Integra R cougar does not help us very much kind, for being inaccurate in the sense, which It lacks good feedback on what the front wheels. 2018 Ford Cougar definitely more comfortable ride of Integra type not R, which is just as well, given the seats are uncomfortable and the Cougar.

Although the brake pedal has a spongy feeling rather than that does not inspire confidence, it proved four disc Anti-Lock Cougar effective tests in the emergency stop, with a car holding directly in short distances. Voltage increase significantly during the tests pedal fade, but the brakes did not become excessively hot.

Members in the $39,650 for the manual version and $41,650 for the automatic, without pricing cougar up against some good Japanese coupe like the prelude Honda and Toyota Celica. Each of these vehicles is characterized by more cockpits easy to use, it is also the best final. 2018 Ford Cougar displays lack of attention to detail to the finish, especially with regard to trim. Examples include testing the car door scuff plates lifting, poor window trim joins, on the center console and the poor wobbly and trim in the load area.

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