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Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 - Fiat
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2018 Fiat Spider. While engineering is mostly common between the two, Fiat looks very different. It’s 5 inches longer overall, with all that length coming in the front and back hanging out. The design is inspired by the previous 124 spider, designed and built by the Italian company Pininfarina.

Inside, looks the same in Spider, up to the information system, entertainment and steering wheel, but Fiat adds a layer of quality with the most beautiful soft touch materials instead of the Spider plastic. The engine is the biggest difference between two cars. The Fiat features a single-head Fiat Chrysler and a 1.4-liter turbocharged turbocharger, making torque 160 hp and 184 lbs.

A hint of delayed turbo and double-force low-end displacement engine make the 2018 Fiat Spider slower to 60 mph from Miata (6. 8 vs. 6. 0 seconds), but larger torque probably means Fiat pulls better at higher speeds. We prefer the instant of the Spider Natural Inhaler 2.0-liter 4-cylinder. Despite its small size, the 1.4 liter capacity is not as effective as the Mazda engine. It is rated at 25 mpg city, 36 highway, 29 along with automatic transmission and 26/35/30 mpg with manual, while both versions of the Miata get 30 mpg combined.

In 1954, the spider used a large Ferrari of its front design with round headlights in the back, and the new car responded to this appearance with the daytime running oval lamps (surrounding the main LED and high beams) similar inset. The mysterious semi-trapezoidal grid turns into a grill form of two pieces on the new car, and borrowed a grille-shaped grille / egg design – a wider crate of subsequent cars.

The 2018 Fiat Spider hood also shares twin power domes such as those indicated by an optional upgrade from 1,438 to 1,608 cc starting in 1970. In profile, a creative bone line that starts at the front fender and kicks above the knob to determine the upper corner of the The back quarters are conspicuous, as are the gentle slippery slopes of the long cover and the short surface – a wedge looks here.

The underside of the body, with different lines designed to narrow the head mass of the car, is much busier than the original. At the back, the original Tarda Corvette Rondin (“swallow” in Italian) is almost as conceptually exterminated here as it was in the 1967 spider, and the horizontal surfaces of the rear quarters rise like bird wings from the deck. The tail lights are characterized by three-sided LED lighting, with body color giving the body color a turn signal.

If the proportions seem a little more pleasing than her son kissing Spider, it may be because the rear is powered by most of the 5.5-inch difference in overall length between the leadsters. (The wheelbase is identical at 90. 9 inches. ) This combined with a slightly higher surface and wider inner trunk gives 124 4.94 cubic feet.

This is up to 0.35 cubes on the Spider. Overall height and width fluctuate only ten or two (down and higher respectively). The 2018 Fiat Spider interior gets a unique steering wheel, seats, door panels, dashboard upholstery, and measurement graphics, but it will look otherwise quite familiar to Miata fans, and it’s basically identical dimensions.

The 2018 Fiat Spider engine comes from the 1.4 liter Soliter engine designed and assembled and is 80 cc smaller than the original Duc 1.4 engine, but with a turbocharged 160 hp and 184 lb-ft torque of 90 hp / 80 lb-ft (total sai) ) Of the original. It does not treat any tubes, horns, resonators, audio seminars or any other type of hearing, or Ariel, as its exhaust is tuned to Arias Italian singing through standard double exhaust pipes.

This rear orientation is guided by the choice of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Aisin remains automatic without alteration of those that stimulate the measas except the reprogramming shift strategy, although the axis ratio is unique to Fiat. The manual gets various internal gear more suitable for turbo engine torque characteristics and is adjusted to fit the engine.

The turbo engine weighs more than the Mazda Skyyaktiv Mill. The posterior rear part adds partially that, but we were told the front / rear balance weight is 54/46 percent. (The latest Miata came close to 52/48).

The 2018 Fiat Spider lineup consists of Classica, Luso, and Abarth Decors. Pricing starts within a few hundred dollars from at about $26,000. The Classica equipment is very basic, but the Luxo-oriented luxury gets features like automatic climate control, 7-inch touch-screen radio, leather upholstery, heated seats, and 17-inch wheels on summer performance tires.

Abarth features a limited skid steer, Bilstein shocks, a unique 4-horsepower exhaust system and aluminum sport pedals. Abarth is provided with Brembo brakes and Recaro sports seats. Safety equipment includes the usual required features, buyers can choose a rearview camera, help the back garden, and monitor the blind spot with a backlight traffic alert. 2018 Fiat Spider will not be tested by any of the crash test agencies.

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