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Monday, April 10th, 2017 - Fiat
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2018 Fiat Punto is a new car from Fiat This car will probably be sold utilizing the Fiat 500 designation as well. The deal is more modern than today’s car design which should meet more effectively the wishes and tastes of the people, Fiat is about to start responding so it includes car design present day cars with each distinct problem such as modest city cars that can be considered as much as the moderate relatives New 2018 Fiat Punto.

Fiat is working on a new generation of Punto for South America and Europe. Meanwhile, the company is also working towards getting one for India. The 2018 Fiat Punto will be built on different platforms for different markets. For example, the Punto (codenamed X6H) sharing platform with the new LINIA (X6S) in Brazil, is done on Palio and Uno extended platform. For other markets, where Ono and Palio are not built more, it will use SKA (Small Motor Engineering) to build these new vehicles.

This is similar to what Renault did with Captor / Captor. Both look identical outside and inside, expect the dimensions and platform. The new Ponto Fiat will be presented with three doors and five-door versions. There is also a sedan version of Punto that will be displayed with for sale as well. Punto will even get a very late version.

2018 Fiat Punto will have similar dimensions as the current dimensions. The new Ponto will have a new diamond front grill with more visible headlights. The Punto as always will look stunning but this time there will be a lot more aggressive in the design than the version currently sold. Glass space may be slightly larger for windows. Punto will have a lot of design cues from Vigia.

There will be a forward taxi design that will be moved forward to Punto. The rear design of the Punto will be the evolution of the current sold version. Fiat Punto will continue to look amazing as they have always been looking. The Italian automaker is keen to move forward with the design of the language. The new Punto will get the necessary new features. Fiat will not offer a lot of additional features on Punto that will increase its price.

Fiat Punto will have a touch system with reverse parking sensors, maps and spacious front seats. Punto will even get a rear seat for the SS vent, depending on the market. Punto will be very practical. The rear seats will have double folds making them a flat floor. Punto will have a decent boot size.

2018 Fiat Punto that India will get to be based on SKA as the company has already compiled this platform, and that he is looking at adding more value to the sector. The new generation Ponto will be more spacious while the features offered will not be the best in the class. Fiat will adhere to the DNA of not offering those features that are not required.

The new Ponto will be launched to India in 2018, and this will come with 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter petrol engine options, while the diesel will be 1.3 liters. Fiat also operates on the multi-engine engines for the Indian car market and they will make their debut with the new Punto.

As gasoline demand increases, Fiat will look to add more powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Fiat will offer this with multijet and even T-Jet engine options. This will be the front push hatchback. There will be an Abarth version that will come with a 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol engine that produces about 160-170 bhp of power.

All engines come with a five-speed manual transmission, and there must be dual clutch transmission options on the Abarth versions. The new Fiat Ponto Mileage will be about 12 km / l to 14 km / l for the gasoline engine, while the diesel engine will have an efficiency higher than 16 km / l. Some security measures in 2018 Fiat Punto as Contra lock mechanism braking system techniques, safety bags, seating materials, improved steering wheel enable and key lock with remote.

There will be no significant increase in the price of the new Ponto. An increase of about 5 percent is expected in 2018 Fiat Punto. Fiat will be launched at about 11,000 pounds for the basic model, three-door version. There will be a five-door version as well. The new generation will be launched at the same stage.

The Accreditation Sub-Committee will also stimulate the new four-wheel drive B. The four-wheel-drive vehicles, code-named X3U, have been canceled for India, although some work has been done on a CD in its program.

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