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Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 - Fiat
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2018 Fiat 500. The Fiat 500 was developed by the Italian-style Lilliputian, which captured the heart of many European automotive dedication in the late 1950s and can be called a small hatchback with a rich Italian flavor. Fiat Chrysler revived the Fiat 500 (Siencinto) for 2012, giving it an exotic retro look and an abundance of equipment options.

With six trim levels to choose from, the 500 configuration to meet personal needs and desires was very easy, as long as the roomy rear seat was not necessary. Both coupe and cabrio (sliding roof fabric) body styles are still available, but three of the previous pruning levels have been dropped. So it has a low-power turbo engine.

The 2018 Fiat 500 remains stylish and distinct from the inside and outside fully after six years of launch. The Fiat 500 continues in 2015 to make people smile when they look at it, and this has been the case since it first appeared on North American roads in the spring of 2011.

Both the 500 Hatchback three doors and the C 500 Cabrio version are disarmed, charming, and unique Its kind, it can only come from Fiat. We give it 6 for the design, with an internal point above the base. Burt, straight styling and lines filled with character wrap around the body too, car designers were able to use relatively inexpensive materials inside that look more stylish and superior than they actually are.

Although the elbows are tall and fairly upright, the little 2018 Fiat 500 can seem almost tacky from a few angles. The larger part of the car required for safety is disguised in the lower third, while the front-like headlights, the front and front “mustache” bar and the rear end sloped side by side to estimate a completely modern Sincento classic form 1957. The 500c soft caprio contains On the same roof, because its flat roof panel only really changes.

It is made of retractable fabric (offered in several color options, including some beautiful start tones), and the Harcens is very back to its original 500C half a century ago. Its designers have maintained structural rigidity and kept passengers safe by keeping the same doors and railings on the side of the roof, changing only the wide-brimmed canvas panel, and a stem-trunk cover to replace the steel slit.

In one lens, the inside can be seen as a little eye-catching or over-exaggerating. Despite progress in the latest MINI, which designers have finally imposed some cohesion on the chaos the previous chaos of keys, knobs, levers, and orders, the 2018 Fiat 500 still beats up the latest generation of Mini in simplicity along with elegance. Overall, the interior successfully blends playful and practical in the way that the United States, German, Japanese, Korean designers can only envy.

For the year 2018, Fiat has clearly configured the model to a large extent. There is still a long list of appearance options and colors – inside and out – but models are divided into simple and comprehensive categories of buyers can choose before they are customized to make them unique.

Each Fiat 500s is fun to drive, but the 500th avart is winning for performance where the core powertrain is not all that fast. 2018 Fiat 500 gets a score of 4 for performance. In the bold Abarth edition and Poplimex even to perform substandard elsewhere, only in quality ride. With a simplified assortment of engines, trim levels, and models, the 2018 Fiat 500 is easier to understand and now has only two engine options, a 101 horsepower engine or a 160 hp turbocharged Abarth version.

Both are a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder unit, each with a 5-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission. The entry-level engine is not quite as lively or cheerful as you might expect in something with a 500 design. To get the most out of the Fiat 500 base, you have to drive it like a European: turn the engine up red in all gear. It does not get too harsh as it rises higher through the Reef range, and there is a live rasp as it passes 3000 rpm.

Fiat not only simplifies model configuration on trim levels, it cuts start prices for some models. Base 2018 Fiat 500 pop starts at less than $16,000 including delivery, and more than $1,000 less than the launch price in 2012 for the same model. All 5-speed manual transmission models, 15-inch aluminum wheels, air conditioning, CD player and auxiliary audio jack, power windows / locks / mirrors, and speed control.

It can also be ordered with sport package appearance – including 16-inch wheels and a range of Aero body set, which replace last year’s level of separate sports trim. The 2018 Fiat 500-seat lounge features a new 15-inch, 7-inch LED display that replaces the set of devices, a solid glass roof, chrome body, interior accents, a leather steering wheel with acoustic controls and more.

The 500th Abarth, which now starts less than $21,000 ($2,580 less than its launch price, says Fiat), adds turbocharged engine, suspension upgrades, a new black 16-inch forged alloy wheel, and Parkensens rear parking rear sensors. The Cabrio 500c adds $1500 to the price of any trim level, opening a menu opener options, so that buyers can select exactly the combination of features they want.

The latest 5.0 Connect system, added last year, provides a 5.0-inch touch screen to control the AM / FM radio, integrated CD player, and optional satellite navigation systems. The main options include a three-door power-powered sunroof, a Bates sound system, navigation system, a wide range of appearance elements, pruning additives and wheel options.

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