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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 - Chevrolet

2018 Chevrolet Cheetah. When Carroll Shelby Cobra revealed the legendary car race, in 1962, the American road racing changed forever, and the dominance of the Corvette went up in flames. Seeing this, the Chevrolet was in need of “Cobra Killer. ” Race car builder has commissioned designer Bill Thomas Edmonds, without to do the job and this is the way the Chevrolet Cheetah came to be, the car started in 1964 can reach a speed of more than 200 mph (320 km / h). Check out the video after the break for more details.

Used Thomas, who was also known as “Mr. Corvette”, a small Corvette V8 engine black donor. Displacement is increased to more than 6 liters and fitted with a fuel of Rochester, who was himself injection energy developed. Maximum have about 520 horsepower said, which was a phenomenon in those days. He said that innovation does not stop at this point, as Mr. Thomas structure Use your car stereo developed, and look at the time on the European runners, and was able to almost completely weight distribution between the front and rear axles (48: 52 front / rear). Unfortunately, just as the leopard began to rise and the real “Cobra Killer”, burned Thomas shop on the ground. Soon after, Chevrolet had a change of heart and decided to significantly reduce the racing program, so leopard career came to an abrupt end.

Trad malt shop or not, someone in the Chevrolet decided that he should be the thrust of Barry Ford-powered Cobra, so he went cheetah racing and won 11 races. Soros in a class different from Shelbys higher production, it can be the fastest cheetah on the right track from the Cobra, but they have not raced technically and face-to-face. Building only 19 Cheetah Chassis and 33 bodies, and Thomas did not end up selling hundreds of thousands of vehicles: car stereo, that is. He said he is dealing with a number of model companies and slot car makers.

He gave this great auto exposure and a place in the hearts of the baby boomer car enthusiasts. Thus Panthers continued today. Bill Thomas original intention, before the fire shop in 1965 and the policy of General Motors convinced him it was easier to make a living building race engines, was to address the problems cheetah with super cheetah, more comfortable, with more interior space, longer wheelbase, yet the body more aero suitable 200+’s It runs mph in Le Mans. Super Cheetah was four inches wider and 19 inches longer than the original text.

The exterior design pure Cheetah of the cabin forward, re-use aluminum one cheetah bodies of the three original model (production Panthers used fiberglass), but the roof and line back-end of the Super Cheetah and cribbed from the concept car CORVAIR Monza GT, which Thomas did some contract work adjust for GM. Thomas even put together advertising materials, and plans to sell the car through agents Chevrolet starting in 1965.

Survived model damage in the fire, Thomas placed in stores. In an auction in 1970, without Edmonds himself bought the car still sitting on it Chassis jig for a distance of only $ 300 on the face later in the year for people to let it sit in a garage for 40 years. Auxier know about the prototype for 20 years but had to wait until the owner passed away before buying it in 2011. He had planned to complete the car and show it in the 2014 debates Pebble Beach, but now Auxier put up for sale in a list in Hemmings of $ 1,250,000, as they are.

Hemmings said it would consider selling its stake in the car for an investor willing to end car equipped and liveried as hoped Bill Thomas to compete with them on the LeMans in 1965. Auxier believes it will be worth twice the current selling price and if completed. Not for all but completed or not, if you brought a car show, a lot of people will walk right past Cobra 427, real or replicated, to get a look at it.

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