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Monday, January 30th, 2017 - BMW
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2018 BMW 320 has recently been detected for the new BMW 320 to the public gallery in Munich. It seems as if the new “320” will be much different from the previous model. Photos BMW 3 new series under test on the road.

This spy shots also give us a sneak peek of what could be the new vehicle’s interior look like when it goes on sale in 2018. In addition to the dashboard in the average skill, these images show that a series of three new may come equipped with a digital instrument display, similar to the system of the cockpit virtual Audi.

It received a completely new model a lot of attention, in particular, and bumpers than ever very noticeable and the face of the car. Headlamps and turn indicators. Will sedan now has LED headlamps, but in Germany, the car will be halogen with bulbs.

The interior will remain virtually unchanged, despite the fact that the climate control will get the unit updated control, there will be a little more chrome trim. As you’d expect, it will also be a multimedia upgrade safety systems to something more modern.

The 2018 BMW 320 will be installed with technology that can monitor road markings and the car brakes in the event of a collision is imminent. In addition, the technology also should be able to monitor the blind spots. And will be equipped with the base model with a navigation system with built-in router modem, and that means monitoring the constant traffic and conditions, as well as being updateable.

Dimensions of the 2018 BMW 320, Format of the standard car are as follows: width 79.9, rising 56.2, length of 182 in. New overseas this car wears the same heavy camouflage portrayed as previous models testing on the famous Nurburgring race circuit.

The removal of the side skirts and headlamps pre-production and brake lights have been installed on more hide what the final car will look like. Its basic dimensions and distinctive window openings are mostly unchanged, however. In cabin, instrument binnacle appears to sport the new digital display between the rev counter and speedometer.

You can use this screen to move a set of driver information such as directions Sat Nav view from the front camera and rear parking in a similar way to an excellent virtual dashboard cockpit system.

The Audi characterized strake horizontal widely behind the large central air vents that complement the number of pieces of metal trim in the center console and doors. There is information and entertainment big-mounted above the dashboard, which bear a striking resemblance to the unit fitted to the vehicle’s current system.

It seems as if the engineers at BMW have spent their time focusing on the engines. The base 2018 BMW 320 model has a 1.8-liter engine now instead of the older 1.6-liter. The smaller engine is 3-cylinder turbo 1.5-liter engine.

Even In this model, the engine will produce about 136 horsepower, you’ll also find this engine in the MINI Cooper, in terms of performance comes in about 8. 8 seconds for zero to sixty race and go to a top speed of about 130 MPH. BMW 320 CI Cabrio / Roadster Turbo, two-liter, 184 BHP. 328i replaced 330I model with an output of 252 leading BHP.

The model is 340i, which has the engine 3.0 liters, produces about 326 horsepower, and this means zero to sixty race time of about 5 seconds flat. The new 2018 BMW 320 also has a range of up to date diesel engines, the new four-cylinder engines 4 in fact, along with the three-cylinder diesel 6 other menu.

This new engine produces 150, 163 and 190 horsepower respectively. There will also be a hybrid version, which is believed to be available from early next year, although nothing has been confirmed yet. The new models will also feature the transmission returned. Must be 8-speed auto smoother version of the manual has a program to best suit the engine speed and road speed when the driver drops the gear to accelerate.

When it launches new 2018 BMW 320 in 2018, we expect the cost up to nearly the same across the range as the current model. The 2018 BMW 320 entry-level versions may cost in the region of £25,000, while examples of the highest specification can set you back more than £40,000. A range of petrol, diesel and hybrid-powered models are available, as well as practical real estate tourism model and a copy of Gran Turismo spacious.

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