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Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 - Volkswagen
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2017 Volkswagen EOS. Eos was the Greek goddess of the dawn. Volkswagen Eos is a two-door and four-seat, retractable fixed convertible roof of a car. It brings the sun with the press of a button. In a scene of modern engineering, and steel roof go up, opens the luggage compartment lid, folds the rear window, and then carefully cut pile themselves in the trunk before you close the lid, and hide everything and give a clean look Eos convertible.

Press the button again and the glass-paneled ceiling arises, repeated, constant and latches into place. EOS now a haven, tight and quiet as a fixed coupe. Retractable roof is not something new. European offered a few exotic for them in the 1930s, was the Ford Skyliner 1957-1959 was probably the first example of mass-production of the breed. But in the era of Eisenhower Americans refused to increase the cost and complexity of the Skyliner, with many preferring to buy low price, standard Ford converting off the same floor showroom and topped cloth.

Usually it falls convertible into either sexy or sports class design, but not this one. 2017 Volkswagen EOS is a brown loafer reasonable in a closet full of shiny pumps. In fact, if you look at it from the front, and it can be easily mistaken for the Jetta. While handsome, the Jetta does not amount to sexy. One problem is that my car test wore black paint Oak Brown Metallic – a strange mix of the two colors and an unfortunate choice to convert.

Two elements add some polish, however: the back has a classy look, thanks to the LED tail lights and trunk lid simplified. Not bulked also by the convertible mechanism. Mathematical models of the mid-level look more pronounced, with a standard LED lights operate in broad daylight in front. The 2017 Volkswagen EOS interior is nice, but with a price tag that tops $ 36,000, nice does not cut it. Cabin design is clean and matte chrome trim upscale. Leather look and feel and high quality seats, and there are standard heated seats for the driver and front passenger. Overall, however, there’s just nothing special going on the most impressive thing is the hard top retractable power, although it is not without flaws.

First the good: The five-piece top folds in 25 seconds with a consequence, the work of graceful fluid. Withdrawn from the arm in a region that puts it in motion. If you were not ready for cruising commitment from top to bottom, and the front most portion can be powered to provide a large aperture standard ceiling. Says 2017 Volkswagen EOS is a solid company’s sole power convertible top with one. Although seems smooth in operation, and the actual layers problematic during the test. After several days of rain, and it became a thousand stupid column driver side. Also annoying is the amount of clearance needed to reduce higher.

Car trunk lid pivots back quite a bit to swallow pieces. You may bump something behind the car if there is not enough and clearance. The front seat wide enough for my 5-foot-5 self in both headroom and leg room. At the 2017 Volkswagen EOS back, and there is room for two passengers, and despite the fact that Holst and legs were enough for me, it was a narrow foot space – the front seats are set too low to the ground. Shoulder area is also thanks to the tight fit of the huge molded into the sides of the car. Installation of the windscreen above turns into a four-seater in-seater. Getting two to the back seat is not as much of a stretch as you would expect. Pushing a button on the top of each seat moves forward quickly. Openness on the back is a decent size.

We were more than happy with the base 2017 Volkswagen EOS model, equipped with a 2. 0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine coupled to a six-speed manual transmission, and loaded with safety and air conditioning and a stereo decent features. Turbo engine delivers performance speed is fast, a smooth companion around town. Drivers who prefer automatic transmission, especially those who must relieve the heavy traffic, you may prefer to drive V6, despite the fact that this decision could add $ 8, 000 to the road line. Either bottom and Eos represents a good compromise between sports cars and sedans. It’s sporty and practical, and then provide opportunities for worship from top to bottom of the sun, moon and stars.

2017 Volkswagen EOS price “is high for the car and this is not very athletic and very luxurious. KOMFORT base models start at $ 36,060. Top Executive trims climb all the way to $ 42, 560. Lexus IS 250 C expensive, ranging from $ 43,620, but it is also the largest and imparts a sense of a more distinct. Sports, more oriented towards luxury -1 BMW series comes in $ 38,125, and more compact – and more exhilarating – Mini Cooper S converter (which only comes with a soft high) appears to be a deal here at $ 28,945 (all prices destination fees included) went.

Volkswagen considerable effort (and successful) to align the Jetta prices and the Passat and consumer tastes. not so with the 2017 Volkswagen EOS, sales are suffering. even the month of October, it might Volkswagen sold only 3,718 of them in 2013, down 33 percent from their bottom line levels. the last year is that the 2017 Volkswagen EOS is a fun car, but shoppers in this price range has a lot of other options, including premium brands and high-end features. “Sarah” is likely not enough to attract them.

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