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Monday, August 1st, 2016 - Toyota

2017 Toyota Avalon. This year’s Chicago Auto Show gave us the first of the latest 2017 Toyota Avalon model a glance. A brand that managed to be the third best-selling full-size sedan in 2014 which was presented to a large extent possible with the car received an update in 2013 brought revolutionary changes then was something that was able to launch Avalon to stardom and in fact brought to the vehicle received a lot of praise from the redesign audience. The 2013 appeared more new sleeker look with a sexier and more luxury features.

The body was shorter but wider and that enable improved the position of the car, and at the same time give it a better look from the inside. They are also trying to remain competitive in the market, the 2017 version updates the model a little bit and keep it in a place that is now. The updated one simple 2017 Toyota Avalon and it focuses on maintaining the car afloat. And certainly will not make the car’s position in the segment, it at least kept in a fixed position and is going to keep it just where it is now and the close of the leaders in this segment models. Read the review and find out what update consists of.

The outer part of the 2017 Toyota Avalon has some external changes made to the front and rear parts of the interface. It was able to carry on the same barrier than the previous model, but the sites that were less and makes the barrier on a wider scale. It also features a narrower upper barrier and turn signals redesign. The back of the newly LED lighting features some additives. Tail lights are much more accurate, and there are some chrome accents added to updates part.

Besides rear bumper fascia parts, there are some individual changes that are made depending on the trim and Avalon. For example, the model adds the use of round about 18 inches, painted dark gray wheels, LED lights, daytime running LED headlights, which manages to put the sports character of the car in the right perspective. And XLE and XLE trims in addition to include 17-inch alloy wheels fitted as standard, as well as the use of air pressure monitoring system in tires. Changes light beautiful 2017 Toyota Avalon and some say it is too little to modernize the mid-session, either way it will not do what it is supposed to achieve.

The interior of the 2017 Toyota Avalon will keep topping their group features and characteristics that have always been. Is to maintain a leading model feature pack for its class and will keep the inside as a balanced and courteous as good as we were expecting it, and he wanted it to be. What is the new model, and we also get around the decorations, it is the inner light gray color, which also comes with stitching gray tone. It seems very much a distinct and very enjoyable to maintain the upper end of the car’s behavior as much as possible. Of course, there will be some differences on the basis of reducing the level of the car.

For example XLE and XLE trim levels in addition to adding 7-inch screen and sound Anton addition, it is a useful addition to some extent, and also take advantage of wood grain accents premium in order to improve even further premium appearance. Everything else is almost identical to the form that we had a year ago. Interior changes may be greater than those outside but still only used as a means to keep the car afloat.

3. 5L V6 engine carryover staying at 270 horsepower and 248 lbs. Of torque comes under the 2017 Toyota Avalon hood. Power is transferred through a six-speed automatic transmission to the front wheels. During driving our test, was XLE model is able to race from 0-60 mph in 6. 3 seconds, which is the influential go according to what the other models in the same presentation slide as according to the ratings agency protecting the environment, and expect anything about the current model fuel economy ratings, which stand in the 21/30/24 mpg in city / highway / combined.

It claims rumors that the date is set for release in 2017 Toyota Avalon for this fall. As for the price, and this is what made Toyota: XLE V6 starts at a comprehensive 33,485 USD charge hand, and the new XLE Plus – $ 35,235 including shipping charges, and $ 37,484 for the Toyota Avalon hybrid model of 2017.

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