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Saturday, September 17th, 2016 - Tesla
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2017 Tesla 3. Those lucky enough to have booked a 3 Tesla benefit from regular updates on their countries Tesla my page, and another is that the company is on the right path to the promise of 2017 the date of delivery of the vehicle. The company also revealed that the specification of 3 will be made available to customers depending on when making the reservation, although the update shows at least us more color and one which is likely to be available – dark blue, which we have not seen before The latest accounts. Tesla that the company has 373,000 people are waiting for the three after dropping the deposit of $ 1,000. The company hopes that 200, 000 of these orders will be fulfilled in 2017, ahead of the company’s goal in 2018 to take the annual production to 500,000 vehicles.

Inside, things are familiar, but they are also radically different. Such as Model S interior is dominated by touching one, but this time it’s horizontally oriented, unlike the units large picture on the S and X. Interestingly, this module handles all fees for things like the speedometer and all the different warning lights. There is no traditional rush behind the wheel – everything is there in the middle. And the various aspects of safety of the driver and self-governance we’ve seen in the S and X comes standard in 2017 Tesla 3, including fast cruising the palm of the hand-lane roads and changes. But most radical change is in fact the surface.

There is one, continuous glass which extends from the windshield to the back sheet. It takes effect Model X to the next grade, and it has the added benefit of adding more depth headroom. The 2017 Tesla 3 is currently scheduled to go into production towards the end of 2017. Yes, that is about 18 months – assuming everything goes according to plan set. If the S and X models are anything to go by, it can be a little longer fair. This is plenty of time for Chevrolet Bolt in to sweep and improved market, EV with another 200 miles of range available for about $ 30,000 after rebates.

However, where it appears that the three be low, exciting performance car, Bolt is largely practical economy car. Only time will tell the machine that will have an impact on the market, or indeed, whether another competitor and infiltration between, but there is no doubt in the long-term success of the Tesla it is directly linked to the success of the short-term for 3. With the appeal and market mechanisms and margins tighten necessarily, should the next 18 months smoothly. Delays or hiccups cut production significantly in the minimum.

The latest news, however, was detected by Elon Musk at the annual meeting of the shareholders of Tesla, where he announced that the three would not benefit from the same unlimited access to the network for free compressor for the company. Musk promised that the charges arising will still make run 2017 Tesla 3 is much cheaper than a conventionally powered, but claimed that the decline in the price of smaller Tesla make it uneconomical to provide the same privileges as a form as is the case with brothers. Many much detail on the 2017 Tesla 3 have not yet been released but we do know that the car will provide a minimum of 215 miles with advanced ion lithium batteries and all-electric powertrain group.

Performance wise, and 3 will blast from 0-60 mph in just 6S as standard, but this will be offered Tesla versions faster. Said Elon Musk, “Tesla does not make a slow car. ” More recently, Musk said in a tweet that will get 2017 Tesla 3 “sexy ridiculous situation” – the program that opens the possibility of more electric propulsion of the vehicle system disk. When working on the model S, the car is able to drive himself to 60 mph in just 2. 8 seconds – although we do not expect to be quite that strong 3.

With the front of the 2017 Tesla 3 to be held at the end of next year and we did not learn a lot of details which we knew going in. 2017 Tesla 3 will have a base price of US $ 35,000 (about ¬£ 24,500), which includes the hardware system autopilot (with all the safety features as fit standard) but cheaper price means you’ll have to pay to use the Tesla¬†network. Nought to sixty times the car for the base rear-wheel-drive will be under six seconds, but revealed to us riding in a double car engine four-wheel-drive performance and saw that much bigger than that. Lean body and controlled very well – no surprise with the battery and the engine mounted too low – but until we get our hands on the wheel we’ll reserve judgment on the handle.

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