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Sunday, September 11th, 2016 - Scania

2017 Scania. Scania’s new car taxi approaching. It was seen for the first time under the cold weather testing near the Arctic Circle in January of last year, and then in high temperatures in the summer of Sierra Nevada August. Now another Spaniard is the case in the United Kingdom, were seen near Bristol last week, towing a trailer-run It wrings local heavy truck transport.

There are several rivet heads right across the taxi confirms that is still heavily disguised by fake plates and superficial. Even though they look similar to the widely used to set the current fare, and in fact may work far changes made deeper. The R- series in 2004 and pressures taxi to go right back to the introduction of a series of four in 1995. One plates and fake advantage can hide the vertical door knob familiar with Scania’s sitting now much less in the door, which makes it less of a relatively small stretch.

And gap between the upper part of the front mud wing and the lower edge of the cab to allow the suspension of taxi and indicate the movement of this is the equivalent of new G- series instead high R-series. The of the roof spoiler to agree with that, but maybe 2017 Scania has tweaked the height of taxi variants. Those ceiling panels make fake pod roof looks marginally longer than the stream of Hai but has not yet reached the top line ratios.

Limited to non-specific data also reveals that the unit has been registered in the United Kingdom, and has a 12. 7-liter engine 2017 Scania DC13. Even the mighty 143 brigade safety belt may bind and get ready for the curtain on a taxi Scania’s new prospective. And the whole crazy V8 Ireland be eagerly watching this space!

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