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Sunday, July 31st, 2016 - Nissan

2017 Nissan Kicks. And kicks is the latest offering in Nissan Cross, and it is based on a large-scale in Nissan kicks the concept in 2014 was the first time appeared in 2014 in Sao Paulo International Auto Show. In essence, the new CUV kicks is very similar to the concept of an end, and more design cues carry over. As always, the overall design has eased down a bit because, well, production models are never as good as the concepts. Key features include a floating roof with a “final mask on” information and comprehensive entertainment system, and best-in-class rear passenger space.

Keno Kato said, the vice president for planning product for Nissan, “with kicks, we have developed a crossover compact in the best tradition of Nissan, thanks to the experience that is unsurpassed in our creation of vehicles to meet car buyers’ needs worldwide, and kicks to provide the best car design in its class, and comfort, and technological innovation. and, it will demonstrate Nissan’s commitment to intelligent mobility. 2017 Nissan Kicks is a car to take the confidence of the city. “.

So far, we do not have full details of the CUV, but these should become available closer to the official at the date of sale. With the rumors that the pub in Nissan may soon be discontinued, it may be 2017 Nissan Kicks alternative to the funky little Juke SUV in Nissan. So, until we get more information, let’s take a closer look at the kicks and discuss what we know about the latest launch in Nissan.

Abroad, 2017 Nissan Kicks is very similar to the concept of kicks. In fact, the model for the first time officially and even covered in the same gray paint and silver, as well as the completion of the burning orange resembling a “floating” roof. Of course, it also has the Nissan movement V grille (because it will not be Nissan without it), and have a boomerang headlights monument in the offensive line. As you can see, and stopped those headlights on a roll and sit bottom of the hood. Interior orientation point upward to kiss the upper point of the barrier.

2017 Nissan Kicks hood itself is relatively smooth, with a series of small hills just before falling hood in waist circumference on each side. At the bottom, are integrated fog lamps in the corners of the fascia, air dam sits just above the lower lip dominate which runs between cutouts. Moving two angle for more than two sides, the point on the backside of the front lens shifts to a strong body line that curves downward, ending only last most of the front door to seek to create a front wheel arch dominate.

Last line of the body on the plane along the central and transitions door handles in the front corner employs more than wrap around the tail lights. Toward the bottom of the car, and manages another line of door-to-door body, diagonally to the top as it gets closer to the back. Body cladding on the doors with the inclusion of light gray to give the home side more personal. It should also be noted that the black cladding which begins at the front of the front wheel arch span arch and across the bottom of the wrap around the rear wheel arch.

As you can see, and you’re burnt orange on the surface wraps around to the sides to create the effect of “wrap-around mask” on the top of doors. To depth, the design gets more interesting. In 2017 Nissan Kicks slot background has a surplus of short-painted in the end the same roof. And coloring black travels from the rear edge most of the rear doors and across the rear quarter and the transition to black color that surrounds the window hatch. Taillights are also model “boomerang”, which is frankly very odd design that contains a reverse light and wide at the bottom of the lens.

Hatch itself is nearly the sand in the form of time, with the definition that landing on the inside rear lights and gets wider towards the bottom. Continues the black cladding from both sides on the back and covers the entire backend. There is the inclusion of another gray light runs the show from the backend, with rectangular reflectors mounted underneath it. All told, it’s a new design and unique, and you must replace the aging jock this model, customers must find it a worthy successor, at least in the looks department.

Nissan did not disclose the search engine (s) will be paid “kicks” as of this writing. However, there are two possible engines. The first is a 1. 6-liter, diesel mill, which is able to produce 188 hp. However, the auto industry to use a different engine in the case, the model will be shipped to the United States, which is likely to consider being built-in Mexico. Likely is the engine and the 2. 5-liter unit from the current Rogue. It has the capacity to produce 170 horses. Check back later for more updates on the 2017 Nissan Kicks from car train.

Nissan still maintaining a price 2017 Nissan Kicks a mystery. However, I expect that the model that should be affordable. I think a starting price of about $ 16,000 is likely to trim the top to bring as much as $ 22,000. According to Nissan, and “kicks” and will be sold in more than 80 countries. It will go first for sale in Brazil, he said this August. As earlier, the 2017 Nissan Kicks fiercest rivals are the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3. Chevrolet Trax will also have something to say in the market.

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