2017 Nissan Dayz Preview And News

Sunday, July 31st, 2016 - Nissan

2017 Nissan Dayz. Making its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan Theater for Dayz concept is electric-powered runabout oriented life designed for young people and social orientation – Nissan a group product manager in the planning Hidemi Sasaki calls “share of citizens. ” Sasaki says engaged these young people get their driver licenses are always the first by a kind of digital devices, the application, and are determined to communicate with their peers and share experiences. “What they want to share from the original cars are not driving or the joy of their own area, but the best way to communicate with friends and share experiences. ” This is the place that illuminates the theater’s 2017 Nissan Dayz concept.

Based on the small car 2017 Nissan Dayz, an internal white Teatro is one block from the screens of programmable. “Citizens will share the use of cars in ways that never imagine, ” notes Sasaki. “So we thought from the standpoint of a car that would serve as a canvas for design inspiration. ” While being taken, dash a selection of traditional counters and navigation that can be scaled, positioned or selectively hidden this information to improve the readings progress.

But the rest of the “Future cloth” display technology Teatro interior features an image that allows the seats, headrests and door trim – as well as the police when parked Teatro – to deliver any number of craft user looks distinctive. All visual experiences related to this ambition for once can be downloaded and shared thanks to the camera system on board. The exterior of the theater in 2017 Nissan Dayz concept reflects the continuation of interior design innovative thinking. There, too, a set of LED display screens open on a wide range of possibilities equally graphic.

Nissan has coined the term “indigenous people share” to describe the kind of person who designed this car for. According to the Nissan These people are constantly exchanging experiences and stories on the Internet and communicate with your friends on social networks. To this end, the Teatro kitted 2017 Nissan Dayz out with a range of technology to maintain “share of citizens” happy. Inside, you’ll find the lounge style, which allows passengers to turn and face each other, while the door trims, dash and seats have all been equipped with digital projectors that ‘as a blank canvas to express. “

All the traditional and the buttons have also been ditched request for the voice control and motion sensors, which Gesture control air-conditioning and sound system. Overseas, there are familiar Nissan design cues seen in the grille fifth motif narrow headlights, but Nissan says it downed design elements that would imagine the speed and size or elegance as the “identity of this car belongs to the owner, and the design of the assumptions we make just limit their creativity.

“The share of citizens feel that the time spent in the car must be time to connect and share experiences with friends, ” said General product planning director Hidemi Sasaki Nissan. “We are no longer able to attract their attention with the old values itself. ” Theater 2017 Nissan Dayz has come to personalization and as a result, with the exterior white to allow space for people to personalize seriously their car in the concept future. The also benefit from the experience Nissan electric car, with the Japanese manufacturer, referring to the theater’s can “be seen It is seen as an indicator of what people expect of electric vehicles in the future. “

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