2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 Preview And News

Sunday, July 31st, 2016 - Mercedes

2017 Mercedes Axor 2529. Mercedes Axor is the younger brother of ACTROS and so there is also a model for a long-distance truck was built especially for building sites light. Unlike her older brother, it has been equipped with a weaker Axor engines a little quieter and have more character. Axor and has a wide range of engine options available forms trippers, rigid and tractor. The construction vehicles equipped Axor with mm 180 for a longer period, the European version of the taxi S-, which offers a lot of space operations.

Besides day for the three joint axes semi-trailer tractors (4×2 and 6X2) and there is also a heavy-duty trucks alone available with two axes (4X2 und 4X4) and total weight composite of 18 variables t, three axis with 25 t (6X2) and 26 t (6X4) Gross weight car and variables four axis, with GVW 32 t in the formation of 8X4 as a platform for the bodies Dump and concrete mixer. 2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 comes with two years warranty repair is available for up to 160, 000 km per year.

The overall design of the 2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 maintains the typical lines of Mercedes trucks. The rectangular light clusters located low in the bumper and are covered by the protection that emphasizes the raw character of the truck guards. 2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 and wears the same squared-off sheet as its competitors, even though Mercedes tried to add a piece of class by giving “V-shaped grille and side air bumpers that make the truck a little more dynamic. Construction model also comes with a huge ground clearance indicating the nature of the off-road vehicle.

Despite high ground clearance, and is accessed within very easy to use these three steps are engineered. Built in the cabin quality overall Mercedes model with good equipment and solids chosen durability. All for controls and logically arranged and clearly within easy reach of the driver. There is also a switch in the driver which controls the mirrors, heating door, power windows optional, central locking and air system. The comfort Close suspended comfortable seats to a very large extent, and it can also be adjusted so you can easily find a good driving position. There are plenty of storage spaces available, there are also a lot of space behind the seats.

The 2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 is equipped with a 12-liter engine with a set of three products including the 354 hp 401 hp and 428 hp with maximum torque of 1850, 2000 and 2100 Nm. All engines are smooth and a good performance is terrific, and the ability to pull huge loads effortlessly. The engines and manual mated to either 9 or 16-speed gearbox, but there is also available an optional 12-speed Power shift automatic transmission.

Compared with the 16-speed Telligent gearshift, Mercedes in the process of transfer of power to make the increase in the 50 kg payload, and compared with the 9-speed manual transmission and allows 40 kg more payload. The main features of this new transport more benefits to customers thanks to further improve the economy, faster and more comfortable option left gearshifts. If transition in full auto mode, the unit will reward you with a good choice of changing gears. Manual interventions are also minimal and you’ll have to use his right leg from time to time, but if you want to keep the fuel consumption to the speed level.

The 2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 too low can be slowed using the engine in two stages, which can be engaged by using the right stalk mounted on the steering column brakes. This inhibitor is very capable, and we do not have any complaints about this, as it can be used with confidence in many cases. There are also available for traditional round brake discs with ABS, which can stop the truck in a few seconds.

The frame design adapted from the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck with high-capacity. The all-steel processing variables truck suspension with parabolic springs. The composition of the standard shock absorber and stabilizers specifically for this parabolic springs. Tilt forward a little bit back to the spring in two phases – with low back-up spring – produces neutral understeering for a little bit axis properties, and thus improves handling with safety. Moreover, springs do not need no central lubrication and a manual as it is mounted on a molecular rubber bearings are maintenance-free. 2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 also features stability and spring configurations format which reduces the loads acting on the springs and trucks cargo.

The however, has a tendency to nod sometimes, especially off-road. Luckily the shock absorbers and stabilizer bar is able to easily absorb shock, while also maintaining the right handling. The 2017 Mercedes Axor 2529 is a beautiful piece of German engineering. With a load range between 19-41 tons, truck engines well and it’s perfectly built for light construction sites. We would also like cabin and overall build quality. Moreover, the truck available with the automatic transmission shift of power which is a rarity among construction trucks, which are usually equipped only with a manual gearbox.

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