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Saturday, July 30th, 2016 - Mazda

2017 Mazda SUV. After the success of previous models are set all eyes are now on the upcoming 2017 Mazda SUV because it is being suggested by the experts that this would be an amazing way to be sure. Makers give special attention to the current trends and considerations Because of this, the chances are very high that fans will want to add in the new Mazda family. This framework will be tuned car in a perfect way. You’ll get enjoyable driving engine will be active and intelligent experience. It is important to note one point here that the SUV actually belongs to the SUV category, which actually led to the widely proven by victories from various comparison test. In this section, we will focus on Mazda SUV.

It has made the appearance of the external elements of the 2017 Mazda SUV facelift in light of contemporary fashion trends cars. The installation of a large five-pointed grille striking with chrome surround on the contour. Headlights are virtually unchanged, but different on the inside. As an option you can get to adapt to the LED headlights. The bumper of the car has gained new enlarged and large side air intakes in any small LED fog lights have been installed impressively. Rear-view mirrors that have changed in shape and different designers have equipped them repeaters.

Small changes have occurred in the rear of the 2017 Mazda SUV was modified tail lights, now and can be ordered with lamps. Also change the location of the LEDs. It should be noted that the color palette has extended. At first glance Inside there are obvious changes to the center console, which has become much simpler and more stylish. The module is integrated control system and the climate system of the new generation of multimedia in the console. Acquired a wind tunnel open modern form and no longer stand out to a deserted her.

Exits from the ventilation system with the original chrome frame. Optionally, the buyer can choose decorative front panel effect – choose from minerals, aluminum, wood, or simply gloss black. The main feature of the manufacturer is a traditional rejection of the hand brake lever. Instead, designers and install button to brake controlled electric. Accommodation for second-row passengers have become more comfortable, and it must also be noted thanks to the expanded cushion. It back seat to the interior is a little quieter than the previous version. The manufacturer claims a 10% reduction in cabin noise.

Thanks to shift a good salon, a small box of 14. 2 cubic feet turns into a luggage compartment with a volume of 52. 9 cubic meters ft. With these dimensions and ground clearance of 8. 2 inches and one can say that the updated car belongs to a class of compact crossovers. In using comments 2017 Mazda SUV new shocks and bushings upgrade on the front lower arm. In the basic configuration for tires is 17 inches, and you can install the optional 19-inch ones.

As far as we are concerned and power units have been no changes. As before, the manufacturer offers two petrol engines of the size of 2. 0 and 2. 5 liters. Each of the power plants have diesel versions. 2. 0-liter engines with capacities of 150 and 165 horsepower. 2. 5-liter engine offers 184 horsepower and 192. Also available to the buyer will be a diesel power unit with a size of 2. 2 liters. This engine is capable of delivering 150 horsepower and 280 lb-ft, offering Biturbo -175 HP and 309 ft lb. 6 transfer speeds of automated and manual movement. Manual option is possible only in the basic configuration, the automatic transmission is paired with a gasoline engine with a switch to sport mode processing system.

It will be the price of the 2017 Mazda SUV model ranging from $ 23,000 to 30,000 and the expected date for the release is the final stage of the year 2016 will be a tough competition between several of his closest rival luxury 2017 Mazda SUV include: Toyota RAV4, Honda CR – V and Chevrolet Equinox.

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