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Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 - BMW
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2017 BMW 1 Series car with the current date to minimize began in 1993 with the lift back model of the series 3. stopped in 2000, the low for model year 2005 returned, series 1. has worked four different body styles even in 2013, when BMW chose to imagine another title for the bike-two inlet and convertibles. Bike turned in a series of two, while embarked three entrance and five entrance-hatchback, such as a series 1. The paid hatchback Gen II in 2011, and appeared revived in 2014. In the meantime models, BMW is seeking to cultivate lineup one series to incorporate a car, giving it yet another approach to go up against its competitors in the long-term the German Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Introduced to the conflict with the A3 sedan and bicycle CLA four years hallway, it turned the 2017 BMW 1 Series Sedan to be more than just thinking. Booking to break cover at some stage in 2016, and is now being tried on four-entrance onstage new UKL for the organization. This element is hidden from the incredible importance, BMW changed to the front wheels, an arrangement Audi and Mercedes have realized as of now for A3 and CLA, each separately.

Although Munich and yet paid the first cars front-wheel drive, tourism and car 2 active and X1 series, the 2017 BMW 1 Series turns into a school car manager to take advantage of such engineering. The next car model BMW point due to wind up the youngest my car or W. ever, will share the stage called UKL, accessible officially present MINI and BMW models on the lineups, for example, Cooper Hatchback 0. 2 active tourer series, the new x1.

This time, the model for the up and coming 2017 BMW 1 Series Sedan highlights less cover, as producer of cars completed the final touches before the green light for its generation. We see the couple of signals that help us to remember the BMW Concept Sedan agreement. Look snappy reveals some trim components that are similar to some of the shells in the late time of BMW models, along with Hofmeister crimp mark, and to highlight the configuration that characterizes the BMW a retro and contemporary alike.

BMW did not disclose any details about the possible train engine that will power the sedan. The only thing which was revealed to the automotive industry is that the engines will be in Brilliance Auto factory in Shenyang. Since and targeted the 2017 BMW 1 Series Sedan for the Chinese market, and fuel economy will be crucial for the chosen engine. As such, it may be used for the manufacture of cars 1. 5-liter, three-cylinder engine as the base mill.

This engine is rated at 109 hp and 132 lb-ft of torque. Cars may also industry use engine 1. 6-liter, 4-cylinder produces 130 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque for the automotive industry may also drive a 2. 0-liter, 4-cylinder feature that will produce more than 200 horses. A 1. 5-liter, 3-cylinder engine it is possible, too. This 2017 BMW 1 Series engine produces 120 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque. It is likely to be paired with engines for the 6-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission ZF 8-speed system.

BMW has not issued official pricing for the next compact sedan details. However, considering the price of the slot 2017 BMW 1 Series, at a starting price of about 41,000 $ (CNY280,000) is a good guess. Hit the BMW Group model in China in the last quarter of this year. For long BMW lacks the compact sedan in the lineup, the new sedan is good news for lovers of cars compact sedan news. However, it is regrettable that this model will only be displayed in China.

Already, competitors BMW in the traditional, such as Audi and Mercedes are already selling cars in the compact sedan worldwide. As such Audi A3 sedan and Mercedes-Benz C-Class will be any of the “2017 BMW 1 Series” The biggest competitors. Volkswagen will Lamand, an upscale sedan and Qoros 3 sedan also what you say in this compact sedan cars a distinct sector.

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