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The new 2016 Smart Electro best pretty much in every way, except one: fuel economy, which is nearly the same as last year, at 33/39 mpg for the automatic. (Newly issued manual checks in at 32/39 mpg city / highway) and available. Considering that it has been upgraded power and performance, this is the kind of win, even though we are certain that some people-greenies in particular, may be disappointed Electro did not break the barrier of 40 mpg.

For its part, Smart seems content with these figures, so as not to provide a model of diesel in Europe anymore. It also says that the electric motor of the new model, which was the best formula for driving in a car the previous generation is on the way for 2016, but will not actually reach until late 2016 at the earliest. In the meantime, Smart will introduce a new cabriolet sunny in the Frankfurt auto show next month model. One that goes on sale early next summer.

The most obvious improvements to the 2016 Smart Electro is happening in the engine compartment, which is still hidden under the ground in the rear storage area. The rear engine, is powered by a rear engine Electro by 0. 9-liter, three-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes 89 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque. Reasonably quiet engine (mostly due to the undue amounts of insulation in the trunk floor) and Agile fairly quickly the city. Agile, in this case, time is zero miles per hour to 60 of 10. 1 seconds.

This is not the pace of biting the neck, but the new model is this race three seconds faster than its predecessor. The new engine can be mated to one of two new, improved range of transmission options. The first is a five-speed manual transmission, which makes it technically 2016 Smart Electro only Mercedes-Benz car available with a manual option. Most of the 2016 Electros will be equipped with a choice of No. 2 sold: a new six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), which replaces the old (and hated worldwide) transistors and one clutch automatic as an option.

Shifts in the DCT is smooth and fast in general, but I noticed that from the Smart line can be stuttery little hesitant, despite the low engine torque may be more to blame there. Smart features sports and drive media environment. In the most efficient situation, Electro do an estimated EPA-33 miles per gallon in the city 0. 39 mpg on the highway, and 36 mpg combined when equipped with DCT. Choose the manual gearbox and sacrifice one mile per gallon city.

2016 Smart Electro is 3. 9 inches larger than the previous model, which translates into more shoulder room in the cabin feel more planted on the highway. Wider stance works in concert with increased travel suspension of the new model, which soaks up the bumps and joints in a surprising way also for such a car with such a short wheelbase. Mercedes-Benz also worked to improve the wind and road noise at high speeds.

We’ve noticed a bit of wind noise coming from Electro protruding door handles, but it’s only noticeable if you’re rolling along without playing the radio. Somewhat counter intuitively, and 2016 Smart Electro has a wider turning circle is smaller than its predecessor. 2016 model has a curb to curb to transform Qatar only 22. 8 feet, more than 5 feet more compact than the old arch 28 feet and Electro. The street with the United States typically being about 24 feet wide, can smart quick flip U- Ernst & Young on most two-lane roads rather than having to do a three-point turn.

Along with the short length (Electro retains the previous generation 8. 8-foot overall length), turning a tight arc makes smart very easy to park. And cover more of the body of 2016 Smart Electro in composite (plastic) plates, which makes it very flexible Electro to bumps and knocks that you will get when parking in the city.

2016 Smart Electro starts at $ 14,650 to the level of pure with a manual transmission trim base. In total, there are four trim: Pure, Passion, chairman of the agent, the levels of all the add content, style and price to a minimum. All models Electro and destination charge $ 750 when they reach the American agents in late September Advantage. In the UK, where the 2016 Smart Electro are already available along with the ForFour four-doored, and we expect the price to start around £ 11,125 it has not been announced. Australian pricing and availability.

Is set to convert the Smart Electro revealed that around the same time at the Frankfurt auto show. The next generation of the smart Electro ED (electric motor) will come in late 2016. The European smart drivers and also get Brabus performance option in mid-2016, but the auto industry is still considering whether to bring the model Brabus to North America.

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