2016 Smart Brabus Preview And News

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 - Smart

2016 Smart Brabus. Relative performance. These new smart models take tuned by Brabus, for example. They pack only 107 horsepower, which would hardly be enough to reach the speed of the highway in most cars. But in this thing, and to increase production on the small seems modest enough to make all the difference.

He revealed at the Beijing Motor in 2016, and the new versions of the smart Brabus fortwo, fortwo Cabrio, and ForFour boast a series of raising the level of light performance. Engine turbocharged 898 cc three-cylinder engine carries over, but was returned to pull in more air and fuel and produce more energy at 20 percent and 25 percent more torque. This figure represents a 107 horsepower, up 18 horsepower to 89 horsepower in the standard version, and the 125 pound-feet of torque to the significant progress on the standard 100. It’s also 7 hp and 17 lb-ft more powerful than the previous Brabus Smart.

The Fortwo Brabus fettled with double clutch transmission can reach 62 mph in 9. 5 seconds, compared to 11. 3 for the car stock. See what you mean things being relative? Of course, 2016 Smart Brabus being, and not just tuners disk drive and call it a day. It also increased the rigidity suspension system by 20 percent, and processed on the front anti-roll bar, he returned for ESP and leadership, mounted new wheels, as well as the start of the launch control, such as race, the installation of a new exhaust system feature.

Glitter 2016 Smart Brabus rims one piece measuring the ninth when Electro 16 inches in front and 17 inches in the rear axle. The Brabus sport suspension performance of a new design on the more stable 20 percent. Moreover, he was returned ESP: There is now no longer in the very early rules and unfamiliar as is the case in the voting chain. Sportsman of the appearance of a city car, and provides the publisher to insert in matt gray along with a sports exhaust system with twin exhausts.

Also launched a Brabus Monoblock wheels Accountants ninth in the 16- / 17-inch and 17-inch in Electro during the forfour. Brabus fortwo coupe and convertible get a panorama roof as standard. Who are noble, such as in the interior, which is 2016 Smart Brabus models XCLUSIVE. Features are: sports seats with nappa leather Brabus dashboard including Snap, mats and XCLUSIVE own letters. Continue, of course, “tailor-made” to Brabus department, which also meets the wishes of the most unusual.

Starting price of less than 20,000 euros a cheaper way to make 2016 Smart Brabus, Fortwo Coupe – is with € 19,710 in the price list. Electro starts convertible in the 22,970 euros, and forfour in the 20,520 euros.

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