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Monday, August 15th, 2016 - Seat

2016 Seat Ateca. To join the growing ranks of constantly SUVs medium-sized Seat is Ateca, the first Spanish brand foray into the arena Cross. Forget Leon X- complications and Altea Freetrack 4, the real deal of Ateca’s. It’s done its duty Seat companies and fired on the car going to the trouble immediately Kia Sportage, Qashqai and Renault Kadjar for honors. It is certain that Ateca follows the path of VW Group stomping good ride on the MQB modular structure and, using a copy “A1” This is consistent closer Lyon – instead of the edition “A2” larger.

The latter is derived form the foundation for the second-generation revealed the VW Tiguan and the production version of the concept of Skoda Vision S at the Geneva Motor Show. As a result, the Seat can only be a five-Seater, albeit one with a 510-liter boot generous in the form of front-wheel drive. Atecas 4Drive with all-wheel-drive lose 25 liters of the system’s capacity thanks driven rear axle and the suspension of a different order.

And 2016 Seat Ateca rides more established rivals, but not to the point of being nervous annoyingly, even in an optional 19 rims available fitted to the main versions. Disappointingly, there is no sign of an adaptive dampers finding their way into Ateca any time soon, and that may have been given a wider breadth of talent. Although sitting 13 cm higher than you in Lyon, and there is little drama or roll the body swells as you hustle and Ateca through the bends – in fact, I was just really aware of Vista commander when near the car to a more traditional, with your eye line to high altitude their roof.

While 2016 Seat Ateca stays true to the aims of the line through corners, there is less communication boy about what the front wheels so than we have been accustomed to from the Seats in the recently – perhaps as a result of the need to make them reasonably adept off road. Obviously its not going anywhere, quad bike, but Sarah competent off-road, easily cope with the rugged landscape and has a ground clearance of 187 mm useful. Six driving modes are selected from the group dial behind the gear lever. On the front-wheel-drive 2016 Seat Ateca There are four programs to choose from.

The hill is equipped decent control, too, which makes off-road trips easier. Not every buyer hatchback immigration to the intersection of sports want to lose the dynamics inherent in the car that you’re leaving behind and it’s this particular Seat to hone in on the day, with four-wheel drive cars that are still fun to drive. That bodes well for the most powerful FR versions that have and will make engineers available hinted at a later date.

Being the Volkswagen Group, and 2016 Seat Ateca gets access to some of the best options gasoline and diesel VW, as well as the same system, all-wheel-drive you can find on his rivals in the home, such as the VW Tiguan. Gasoline engines start with little option 1. 0 liters. It is small, frugal engine, turboprop in an attempt to compensate for the lack of displacement, with 114 bhp on tap. However, it is still a slow car took 11 seconds to reach 62 mph, and if your car is full of it probably will struggle. Only available on front-wheel-drive models option 1.0 liters.

Gasoline is used faster than the turbo 1.4-liter TFSI unit with 148 bhp. Again, it’s front-wheel-drive only, but holds a Seat SUV to 62 mph in a respectable 8.5 seconds. There cylinder deactivation technology packed into this engine, too, so it’s still very effective and only just losing to gasoline smaller than where tens mpg engine. And Ateca and diesel line-up is slightly larger with three options, each containing one of the most economical and fastest 2016 Seat Ateca you can buy. At the bottom of the range is the 1.6-liter diesel engine with 114 bhp – it’s slower engine on offer, with 11.5 seconds to reach 62mph, but also cheaper to run.

Both large diesel units and options 2. 0-liter but with different power outputs. It is likely to be the most popular version of the car for sale Ateca be using a diesel engine 148 bhp, saying that it must provide an elegant balance of power, torque, and measure. And it can be specced with all-wheel-drive system, too. Excellent in the group is the same engine but with the power turned up to 187 bhp. It’s faster 2016 Seat Ateca you can buy up to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds, and comes with 4MOTION four-wheel drive system as standard.

News also notes, Seat late to the intersection of the SUV market in an attempt to catch the eye, and the company has decided to be aggressive with pricing strategy, which is good news for potential buyers. The entry-level car starts from £ 17,990, “about £ 500 less than the simplest Nissan qashqai”, and is likely to undermine the junior version of the Volkswagen Tiguan by some margin. Therefore, you have to be to get gasoline 1.0-liter in the S trim. 4 liters of gasoline starts subtraction 1. From £ 21,015, in the SE trim line a little upgrade.

Diesel starts with the 114 bhp 1. 6-liter V-S trim, priced from £, 20,175. 2. 0-liter model starts from £ 22,930 to 148 bhp model with a manual gearbox and four-wheel drive. In addition gearbox DSG is leading £ 1,345 premium. SUV cheapest option is a 148 bhp diesel in Xcellence trim with 4Drive specced, which comes in £ 27,425. system and topping off the range is the 2016 Seat Ateca 187 bhp, which will start from £ 29,990.

The first edition is a limited production numbers will be as well. Allocated Seat 200 examples of buyers in the United Kingdom, and it comes with alloy 18 ins alloy wheels, satellite navigation, rear reverse camera with parking sensor devices, key less entry, and the rear door opens electronically, at a price of £ 21,995. books before the system is now open and Created it is now on the web site and the Seat. The 2016 Seat Ateca will be in the agents in September, with the first delivery in about the same time.

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