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Sunday, August 14th, 2016 - Mercedes

2016 Mercedes Pullman. With a tradition that harks back to the 1930s, when he used the variables of the “Grosser Mercedes” by the heads of state all over the world, and the longer version of the largest and most luxurious Mercedes-Benz model in its class is always a special car. Since the second “Grosser Mercedes”, also known as “600” or “dictator Mobile,” entered production in 1964, and each generation of S-Class is also at least one longer-sports version of “Pullman” title. With a long wheel base so that it can accommodate 2 + 2 seats facing each other behind the two front-seat passengers, not to mention the protective body armor choice, and was seen Pullman Mercedes’ always like cars choice for heads of state and dignitaries and VIP similar.

With Mercedes Maybach S-Class 2016 is already filling more luxurious position above the “commoner” 2015 S600, German carmaker unveiled a version longer and more luxurious, and thus Pullman name back. Since already been spied several models of pre-production of the new model in or around Brabus Brabus headquarters “in Bottrop, it seems that long 2016 Mercedes Pullman super has been developed and is likely to be manufactured by the famous tuner.

In length of 255.9 inches, and 2016 Mercedes Pullman is more than four feet longer than the Mercedes-Benz S- class. It is also four inches taller. Daimler says the rear cabin resembling “the club lounge.” In the standard configuration, and 2016 Mercedes Pullman comes with two chairs facing forward and two backward facing seats fold down to disciples accompanying dignitaries.

These additional seats can, of course, be deleted, and individual possibilities is almost endless. Rear compartment is cavernous, Daimler claims it offers more space than any other car in its class. Take that, Rolls-Royce! In fact, there is enough space to include a section between the electrically operated front and rear seats. Glass can be passed from clear that the opaque, if you prefer to protect your despicable what is going on from the point of view and the driver. A standard 18.5-inch screens and stereo system Burmestar amazing that can be spec’d in the character of magnificence layers.

Rulers who prefer to hide, as well as publicity shy, will be protected by the C- column, curtains and a wide window. Standard leather seats, although you can have your own Maybach in any way you want. Disappeared Mercedes’ in-house customization “DESIGNO” which shows the arm that seem out-of-place in a shorter Maybach marks. There are three tools in the rear roof of the car, just like in the defunct Maybach 57 and 62, which replaces the 2016 Mercedes Pullman shop effectively.

Keep in mind that most of the weight does not necessarily come from the additional seats and body panels. The central part of the structure need to be strengthened in order to deal with the forces acting on the body due to increased wheelbase. Engine wise, and dual-turbocharged, 6.0-liter, V-12 from the S600 will be the only option, paired with an automatic transmission with seven speeds. In spite of the tremendous weight, and should those be 523 horsepower and 612 pound-feet of torque able to move massive sedan fast enough to spill champagne.

Mercedes-Benz says that 2016 Mercedes Pullman will start in about half a million euros (aprox. $ 570,000 as of 02.18.2015), but it must be remembered that nearly every detail of the interior, customizable, prices can easily go up closer to the $ 1 million mark. Some of you may remember that former Maybach 62, which similar price. It is likely to become the most expensive production in the history Merc and armored “Guard” version of the 2016 Mercedes Pullman.

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