2016 Mercedes G63 Preview And News

Sunday, August 14th, 2016 - Mercedes

2016 Mercedes G63. There’s nothing quite like multiple Mercedes-Benz uses sports car G. Class number of cars have been designed at the request of the Shah of Iran, has served as the formal transfer of the pope device, used military vehicles by almost major country in the world, and sold brand new fully wrapped in luxury cars and agents in North America and the only one that we can think of: G. G-class has been around for more than 35 years, despite the fact that only since 2002 in the category G was officially imported by Mercedes-Benz. Previously, it was imported from North America through Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the basis of gray imported international market Europa. Since 2002, the new G available from Mercedes-Benz dealers, despite the brief gaps.

It was expected once set to replace them officially in the consumer market of SUV GL-Class, but fans protested and Mercedes-Benz relented. Thus, although history dating back more than a generation, G- and Volkswagen are still built by Magna Steyr in Austria-new and sold. Based on the G550, and 2016 Mercedes G63 includes much more aggressive thanks to a comprehensive look at the front end of the bottom, which is almost completely controlled by the three air intakes enormous. Under the circular headlights are the same LED running seen on the G550, although unique lights two bar grille visually distinguishes the G63 from her brother Tamer.

It features a side mounted dual exhaust pipes before the left rear wheel. Inside, the 2016 Mercedes G63 and feels a bit like a Thanksgiving-old 30-year-old vehicle to the upright windshield, shoulder room and limited design blocky. So far it’s very well-built and now includes a new instrument panel and highlights the center console, which combines the secondary controls in the 21st century. The standard equipment includes the latest Mercedes-Benz COMAND navigation, A / Harman Kardon sound system, multi contour driver with a wide aerodynamic seat bolsters premium leather trim, while the 2016 Mercedes G63 include specific touches DESIGNO leather upholstery with fluted leather door paneling.

Lording over for plebian G550 4MATIC and form new vs. 2016 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8- after bowing to the refreshing Similarly 2016 Mercedes G65 AMG and its 621-horsepower twin turbocharged V-12- and 2016 Mercedes G63 hits the sweet spot in this match. Packed full G63 IMAX Experience, which is a large, attractive box on wheels with a roar bellow of AMG V-8 coming from the four side pipes Chrome. The V-8 is the same hand-built, twin-turbo 5.5-liter found in many cars powered by other high-powered AMG, but some changes settings allow it to produce 27 horsepower more than last year for a total of 563, along with 561 lb-ft of torque rpm only 1750.

He said that this boost to our 5961 pound test 2016 Mercedes G63 vehicle fleetest G- Volkswagen has ever recorded, stomping to 60 mph in an incredible 4.8 seconds, which covers a quarter-mile in 13.3 seconds at 117 mph. Mercedes allows the fun to continue to reach a top speed governed than 130 miles per hour, and at this point is secured atmosphere in the cage match with personal plump and G63’s.

As you’d expect, and the 2016 Mercedes G63 AMG is buying expensive lifestyle correctly in more than $ 140,000, to start. Commenting truck test we also have to trim AMG carbon-fiber interior ($ 2,950), and the entertainment system and rear seat with dual screens ($ 2,650), paint purple nest DESIGNO Mystic Blue Metallic ($ 2,300), and a heated steering wheel ($ 250), and All-weather floor mats ($ 200) for a total of $ 149,175. Buyers looking for maximum visibility and can also choose one of four groups special color and trim, including eye scorching exotic green, for an extra $ 20.000.

However, due to the direct AMG touches and performance, as well as the G63 over $ 120,825 G550 seems like the money spent, as well as a real bargain compared to the stratospheric $ 218,825 G65’s base price. Mercedes knows that over-the-top and fell to the bottom-of-the backside is just the right amount of crazy to some of the most ardent fans G- Volkswagen, which justifies the existence of G65. But for those simply looking for the experience of G of the final score, look no further than the 2016 Mercedes G63.

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