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Sunday, August 14th, 2016 - Mercedes

2016 Mercedes C Coupe. When you see the first of the new 2016 Mercedes-Benz C Coupe in person, it’s hard not to admire curvy rear end. In fact, the overall design of the body look great, with the nose of the imposition features air-dam sin matching profile sleek two-door. But this is the hind end that draws the most attention. In the beauty contest among competitors such as the Audi A5, BMW 4 Series, Cadillac ATS Coupe, Lexus RC, this Benz is the clear winner on my scorecard, with looks that are precise and elegant, but they have just the right amount of attitude.

The new C Coupe has inner beauty as well. Cabin great that we saw for the first time in the C-Class car carrying a course for more than a two-door, and light years ahead of the previous generation’s borders. High quality materials throughout, with soft-touch surfaces and they were sitting side by side with the handsome wooden trims (my favorite being the natural black ash and cereals) and contrasting stitching. Standard panoramic sunroof lets in plenty of daylight to help you admire the surrounding areas.

Although pricing is not available yet, and we expect a new set kicks off near the current range, which means about $ 65,000 for the C200 coupe rise to about $ 165,000 for Bosnia and Herzegovina and spread the other 63. In between predicted the biggest seller with, and the 2016 Mercedes C Coupe, coming across a sign major 80 starts power and torque outputs 135 kW / 300 Nm C200’s, rising to 180 kW / 370 Nm for C Coupe, 150 kW / 500 Nm for C250d and AMG63 in the 375 kW / 700 Nm.

All the Euro 6 emissions regulations and pass them optimum engine efficiency to save up to 20 per cent of fuel compared with the previous model. It is touted 2016 Mercedes C Coupe as a tourer for long distances, which may be good, but it also has a sporting edge of the doubt, especially the C Coupe and C63 which has a specially developed, wider rear axle, which performs the function of vectoring torque, as well as strengthening the position of C63’s. Coupe rides less than a car, has a longer wheel base than the previous C Coupe almost larger in every dimension. The application can provide (Mercedes contact me) to perform many of the functions of the car from anywhere on the planet, including the central lock, the position of the window and places GPS along with simply locate your car in a big parking lot.

Several functions driver assistance across a range with the highest specification cars are gaining more. News went to Spain last week to launch the 2016 Mercedes C Coupe International, taking the wheel of the C Coupe, and C250d and awesome C63 AMG. While the 2016 Mercedes C Coupe has a lot to offer in each application command, automotive diesel fuel is a nine-speed long-distance cracking good sipper will be the main focus will be on the aggressive looking (and sounding) C63. It’s a twin turbo direct-injection V8 with variable cam shaft lift and timing of the column, and as already mentioned, the unit is VEE warm inside.

This puts the exhaust outlet in the middle of VEE engine along with two, twin scroll turbo – the effectiveness of the Turbo four-way system. It punches way above its weight and there is much more grunt everywhere and the upper limit wither compared with the previous 6.2-liter naturally aspirated. Interior are all high-end, super-strong components to ensure the power can be relied upon for the life of the car. Transfer is a copy of the unit MCT currently in the E63 AMG and other high torque athlete Benz V8 engines. It is not a twin-clutch unit, but looks like.

Australia will get a number of variables, starting with the C200 and 2016 Mercedes C Coupe – both with a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engines in different states of tune. They are common across Benz engines line up, as is the 2.1-liter turbo diesel in C250d. Rounding out the local 2016 Mercedes C Coupe line up is the model sports a full AMG with a V8 petrol 4.0-liter twin turbo engine pumps 375 kW (over 500 hp) and 700 mountain Nm of torque. It’s the same “hot inside Vee” engine (exhaust and installation of turbo center) as is the case in a car C63, the same 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT auto transmission as well.

If you want the best of both worlds and do not mind an extra $ 1,190 change direction to $ 42,650 the price of 2016 Mercedes C Coupe base, then you can get an optional adaptive suspension AIRMATIC system. Damping properties of air suspension tuning along with select dynamic system, which means it’s really comfortable to rest and companies to implement the optimal deal in the field of sport and sport + mode modes. After covering more than one hundred miles in a car equipped with AIRMATIC, it’s a feature I’d like to get, but surprisingly, Benz officials say they expect only about 10 percent of buyers to pony for that.

An option that sees Mercedes much higher rate takes 50 percent fun 4MATIC all-wheel drive, which bumps C Coupe base price up by $ 2,000 to $ 44,650. Undoubtedly, people who live in areas where real winter It is likely to go 4MATIC way to achieve the best spot-weather performance. With four-wheel drive, the 2016 Mercedes C Coupe earns 132 pounds and lost 1 mpg fuel economy highway cycle and the Environmental Protection Agency to get a rating 29 mpg. Vivid, it does not seem that much of a difference in the 4MATIC on dry pavement, and this means that the car still feels agile and accelerates quickly when the pedal mat.

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